Sunday, August 17, 2014

Polish Review: Laquered Up!

Hey there, Witchie Poos! I have a review for you! YAY!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow my little Witch-lets go back to school… My oldest into sixth grade, my youngest into fourth. Don’t know how this Mama Witch feels about that. I kinda miss my little babies.

Anywho! I digress! I am here for a review! Tonight I have two beautiful glitter toppers from Laquered Up!


First up is Tropico, a wild-looking glitter topper full of all different kinds of primary colored glitters.


It looks like a birthday party in a bottle!


It goes on smooth as silk. I’ve got Cinema Swatch’s You Wrote Me? on with Tropico on top. Smooths out like a dream even without topcoat but turns into a mirror finish with a good topcoat.


Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Next up is Sassy Pants. “Sassy pants is for the confident and energetic woman who likes to look her best! This trendy glitter top coat has turquoise, neon yellow, grey and white glitters.” I absolutely love the name. And the polish is pretty danged pretty too!


Worn here over I Wanna See Your Peacock, it’s the perfect topper for this shimmery teal shade. Again, like it’s Tropico sister, this polish goes on super smooth. Drying time is minimal.


GAH!!! How gorgeous is that?! And it looks like I’m starting to get the hang of my macro lens! YAY!!!

All in all, Laquered Up has a terrific formula. It dries smooth and quickly. Can’t ask for much more can ya? Oh wait! You can! You can purchase these polishes, plus countless other beauties (I have my eye on a few of them) in her Etsy shop for just $5!!!! YES!!! FIVE BUCKS!!! You so need to add a few of these beauties to your collection!!!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Polish Review: MMM Yeah! Polish by Butt Nekkid Bath Boutique

Hello, Sweeties!

So I’m going to be doing some reviews this week! YAY! I love reviews!!!

Tonight I have three gorgeous polishes from MMM Yeah Polish by Butt Nekkid Bath Boutique. I love their name. Seriously. I’m in love with it. And I’m totally in love with their nail polish… And I’m eyeing some of their bath and beauty products in their Etsy shop as well.

First up I have for you… He Loves Me. (On the right!)


He Loves Me is listed as a “deep bold pink with a hint of gold shimmer.”

This polish is phenomenal. It, and the rest of the polishes in the shop are 5-free, dry incredibly fast and don’t stink to high heaven.


It is truly gorgeous. The coverage is fabulous. Two coats to full opacity. No bubbling problems or anything of that nature. It dries to a nice shine. I didn’t use a drop of topcoat for any of my pictures!


It’s so darned luscious and with that subtle shimmer it’s that much better.


Next up is my personal favorite of the trio… But I’m a sucker for a beautiful blue…


After Midnight is listed as “a deep, blackish-blue sensual and elegant!” and every time I look at the name I end up humming After Midnight by Eric Clapton (which I am playing right now lol)


GAH! This beauty doesn’t disappoint. It goes on effortlessly in almost one coat, with such a high shine that I’d only put topcoat on it to protect it. I have some big plans for this beauty!


I Wanna See Your Peacock (hehehehe giggle) is listed as “a stunning shade of blue-green shimmer!” and they’re right! This is a gorgeous, gorgeous color. It does get a little streaky, which is to be expected with a shimmer crème. I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t. Even OPI does.


Isn’t it gorgeous?!


I used it and Orly Luxe along with some pearl accents from BornPretty Store to create this nail look. It wore excellently. As in, I had wear on the Orly but not Peacock. It stuck tight until the bitter end.

The staying power of this polish is phenomenal and with the price: $4.50 for minis and $8.50 for full size, they definitely give you enough bang for your buck.

You can purchase these, and other polishes and products at their Etsy shop. Make sure to stop by their facebook and show them some love as well! Tell em The Good Witch sent ya!