Monday, February 4, 2013

Polish Review: Daring Digits

I've had the pleasure of reviewing Daring Digit's polishes before and I have to say, they're one of my favorite brands. Consistency is spot on, product is always top notch and the customer service? Out of this world. I have NEVER had a complaint with their customer service. Quite the opposite actually.

A month or so ago I purchased Hubble and Hunter from her restock. I was so excited to get these two that I popped open Hubble as soon as I got it. But... All was not right in polish land...

My polish smelled weird. In a funky musty kinda way. A little off-putting. Even after I put it on and covered it in a generous coat of Seche it still smelled funky. I was like :/ Not good! But I knew I would be receiving some polishes from her to review, so I figured I'd wait on those to arrive to see if they too smelled weird before I messaged her about it.

I received my review pack and found that three out of the four polishes smelled like Hubble and Hunter. Not as badly, but it was still there. So I messaged her on her business Facebook and received a prompt reply.

The maker stated that she had ran out of her former base and found that her supplier wouldn't be restocking. So, like any other polish maker faced with the same delima, she switched bases. Due to being around polish pretty much all the time and becoming desensitized, she was unable to smell that the base had a funky whang to it.

She was thrilled that I had reached out to her- when in all actuality I was afraid she was going to be pissed because I was "complaining" about free polishes- and thanked me profusely for bringing it to her attention. She then went on to inform me that she was going to be switching bases again soon and was just using up the last of what she had stored.

So, in the long run... If you have a stinky DD; don't despair. Even if they're stinky, they're still beautiful. And the stink, as with pretty much everything that's stinky, will go away with time ;)

Onto the review!

 First off is Ice Age. Ice Age is a gorgeous glitter topcoat. Full of silver, teal and white micro hex glitters with larger white hex glitters interspersed.

 I mean, how can you not like this? If you like blue... Or white... You'll absolutely love this polish.

 I paired it with Orly's Liquid Vinyl and it was stunning.

 The dry time on this polish is awesome. It was completely dry before I even put the topcoat on, which really wasn't even needed because the glitter lays so smooth.

 Next up is Nova, which I have to say is my favorite of the four I received. It's so light, so delicate but so gorgeous all at the same time. It's full of iridescent micro micro glitters in shades of green, blue and gold with varying hex's in the same colors. The result is an ethereal polish that really seems to glow.

 Isn't it stunning?

 Worn here over China Glaze's Go Go Pink it adds a hint of sparkle without being too gawdy. The perfect addition to any mani.

 Like her other polish, dry time is almost non-existent. It dries to a mirror-like finish and is completely flawless. No wonder it became my favorite!

Next up we have Snow Flurries. Millions of white matte micro hexes adorn this gorgeous topper.

 Worn over Julep's Claire it adds the perfect something special for a frosty winter's mani.

Dry time is again, nil!

Last but not least we have Popped! A huge assortment of different sized and colored glitters reminds me of a popped balloon to a T. It's fun, its funky and it's fabulous.

 For some reason my camera was wanting to turn the polish to a weird brown color, and it's not. My camera's just being a snot.

Shown here over Barry M's Bright Purple it makes the perfect party polish.

One coat of the glitter mix and it lays completely flat. Dry time is again, nil.

All in all, I LOVE the polishes she's sent me to review. Couldn't ask for a better assortment! She has such a wonderful eye for polish design. You can like her on facebook and stock her store. A good majority of her polishes are on sale for $6 each, so get em while it lasts!

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