Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Polish Review: Zilla 5-Free Lacquers

Hey there, my wonderful Witchie-Poos! Thank you so much for hanging around while I was in the middle of this madness I call my life…

We just found out that my husbands job is ending in February… After three years with the company they feel like it’s in their best interest to close up shop here in Oz. It’s a horrible blow; not only to my family, but also to the communities that surround us and the people that work there.

But we will persevere! We always do!

We’re also gearing up for Halloween! Right now, as I’m blogging this, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! is playing on ABC! So why not share some awesome halloween-themed polishes?!


First off is Spectre, a beautiful black jelly full of iridescent micro glitters. It goes on like a dream!


In three coats its completely opaque. As with most jelly polishes, you have to apply a topcoat to smooth out all the bumps but it dries super fast, so bubbling in the topcoat is a thing of the past with this polish!


So sorry for the crummy macro shot!


Next up is Superstition. This is a definite sleeper polish. I wasn’t real sure what I thought when I first saw it. It’s a shimmery brown base with purple micro glitter and gold-purple iridescent hex glitters.


Worn in two coats under a black undie it really is a stunner. I really wish I would have been able to get pictures of it in the sunlight, but alas… The sunlight has been missing here in Oz for more than a week Sad smile


Isn’t it gorgeous?! It’s so freaking shimmery and wonderful.


Next up is my favorite, Grim. A teal/turquoise-y jelly filled with purple micro glitters, small and large transparent green hex glitters and the cutest darned pink skulls ever.

I really, really like this polish. I’ve been wearing it for three days now and I can’t stop looking at it. And the compliments?! Out of this world!


This is three coats of the regular polish, then the skulls were placed with a toothpick as they’re a little hard to fish out of the jar.


It’s so darned cute!!!!!!!!!! I love this polish. It may have to make an appearance in my Halloween mani!

All in all, these are wonderful polishes. The smell isn’t overwhelming, the dry time is next to nil and the formula is pretty spot on! They’re well worth the time!

The only hitch is, she hasn’t released them/opened her shop yet!!! Keep an eye on her Facebook page for further updates!

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