Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tutorial Wednesday: Lighted Burlap Garland

So I’ve been on a DIY kick the last two holidays. I have to say, I love it. It’s a heckuva lot cheaper than going out and buying the stuff already made, in the long run. And besides that, something that’s made is always closer to the heart, y’know?

The next few days I’ll feature a few of my DIY tutorials. Today I will start with this:


A lighted burlap garland! I had found this tutorial on pinterest. Well. OK it was just a picture, so I kinda took the idea and ran with it.


It’s cute and all, but it’s just not… Me. So I did it MY way.


Here’s what you’ll need: Lots of bits of lace. They don’t have to match or be the same color. There’s some white, cream, pink and yellow lace bits in there and they went great! You’ll also need some burlap. Now you can buy it in yardage at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, etc. I found these rolls of jute burlap that you use for wreathes. And I was going to make a wreath, but I can’t find the forms in the size that I want. Each of these rolls has 15 yards of burlap and it’s about 6” wide. It’s perfect for strips. You’ll also need a good pair of scissors and of course, lights. Now I used a huge flipping strand of lights. I don’t suggest it at all. Use a shorter strand of 50 to 100 lights. They’re much more easily manageable.


Step One: Cut a strip about six-seven inches long.


Step Two: Cut three to four strips out of each six to seven inch strip.


I cut the entire roll of burlap ribbon and half of the next one. If I really wanted to do the entire string of lights, I could have used the entire second roll of burlap. But by the time I got done I was so itchy and cross from all the fiber that the burlap created that I didn’t want to go any farther lol.


Step Three: Cut strips of lace about the same length as your strips of burlap.


Step Four: Start tying your burlap to the cord of your lights. I do three, then two lace and repeat. Sometimes I did four of burlap, three of lace. You can vary it up a bit!


And it’ll look like this! Just keep on going until you reach the end of your string of lights (or as far as you want to go). If you use jute burlap, take it outside and shake it out very hard to release all the stray fibers.


Plug in and check it out and then place on your tree!


I must say, I was a little worried that my garland would be a little too much for my tree. But I am very pleased that it’s not. I think it looks fabulous!!!





And here’s little Holly Day Hedgie to say hello!

If you make one, let me see it, and your tree!

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