Monday, December 1, 2014

Tutorial Monday: Key Garland

Hello there, my wonderful Witchie-Poos! Here comes the first of hopefully many Christmas tutorials.

I have a thing for old things… Shabby chic is a style I’d love to embrace but goodness, it’s expensive! So I came up with this cute, relatively inexpensive Christmas décor idea.


Supplies you’ll need: A pair of scissors (duh!), old skeleton keys, or a mix, (I found two packages of old-ish looking keys at Hobby Lobby 50% off) and jute twine. If you’re wondering why some of the older keys look a little white… I was going to frost them, but changed my mind.

You’ll want to pull out a length of twine as long as you want it. I think mine was about 6 feet long originally, but I ended up cutting off quite a bit.


Step One: Cut a smaller length of twine, fold it in half and then push the fold through the opening of they key.


Take the loose ends and bring them through and tie a kind of a slip knot.


Continue with the rest of your keys until you have as many as you want done.

Day 1: Just remember that in every pothole there is hope.


Step Two: Tie each key to the length of jute twine.


Continue on down the line until you’ve used all your keys and have the length you want. Drape your key garland onto your tree and enjoy!!!




I think it looks fabulous on my little shabby tree!!!

If you end up making this, make sure you let me know!!! I’d love to see your creations!

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