Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday: Fourth of July/Patriotic Nail Tutorial

Ugh it’s been so long since I’ve done any kind of nail art. Lately I’ve been just slapping on a couple of coats of color and a topcoat and calling it good. It’s kinda nice to be stretching my creative muscles and putting out a tutorial for you guys!

Supplies You’ll Need:


Basecoat of your choice: I’m using LynBDesigns’ BSticky; Topcoat of your choice: I’m using LynBDesigns BShiny (my go-to high shine topcoat right now I LOVE IT!); accent nail color: I’m using Kawaii Nail Lacquer’s Stars and Dots’'; (this item is optional!) a clean up product: I’m using Cinema Swatch Lacquer’s That’s A Wrap!; and a red, white and blue polish each. I’m using Zoya Purity, OPI Color So Hot It Berns and China Glaze’s Frostbite. You’ll also need some foam cosmetic sponges, acetone for cleanup and a pair of tweezers to remove the That’s A Wrap if you use it. Also: Not shown… A sparkly topcoat to give you a little sparkle. I used China Glaze’s Fairy something or another. I can’t remember LOL


Step one: Put down a couple of base coats of your white, plus your accent nail. Let dry.


Step Two: Cover up the skin surrounding your nail with That’s A Wrap. I had to use a regular brush as the brush that is included is a little skinny and it drives me nuts LOL.


Step Three: Using your cosmetic sponge, apply your gradient, making sure to place the paint where you want it on the nail. I started off with blue, then white, then red so the red would be at the end of my nail.


Step Four: Commence making a huge mess all over your nails.


Step Five: Peel off That’s A Wrap and do any spot-cleanup that might be necessary.


Step Six: Add your sparkly topcoat and topcoat and allow to dry.


And BOOM! You’ve got nails ready for a hot night of Fourth of July fun! This will also work on short nails, just be careful not to use huge strokes of color on the sponge!


Playing with my new macro lens… I really need to fuss with it more. Cause I suck at using it LOL.

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