Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Before and Afters of the WheeSan Abode

So as I stated before, we’re moving. I’m going to try to document the move WheeSan style. We’re special, so you’ll have to bare with us lol.

We’ve got a great house though. Or the beginnings of it. It was built in 1872, and parts have been added in what I think would be like the 70’s judging by the décor lol. Four bedrooms, two full baths (the one upstairs that we’ll use has a clawfoot tub!). A sewing room for my mama. A covered patio that we can use for smoking outdoors (NO smoking indoors anymore.)

It’s gonna be great. We’re not going to be living on top of each other! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

So I’ll give you a micro tour of the house before and after.

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Here’s the before shot of our living room. All the windows were painted shut (I loathe people that paint and do this. Windows are MEANT to be open. Drove me nuts as a child with a father that turned the AC on in early April!)

The trash had to be picked up (of course). I had to remove marker marks from the walls, baseboards and window seat. They’re still not completely gone, but I don’t think they ever will be. We may end up completely stripping the molding, baseboards and window seat down to its original woodwork.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so much better. And the floors prolly look better now since hubs mopped…..


He’s such a good boy <3.

But hey, the marker marks are pretty much gone. And some parts of the wallpaper didn’t come clean. It’s like textured canvas wallpaper for crying out loud LOL the most hideous stuff I have ever come into contact with lol.

We’re planning to remove the wallpaper and painting the walls a nice light peach almost white color. Above the bay windows we’re going to paint the words “There’s No Place Like Home”. On the east wall we’re going to paint a “family” tree and put family pictures on it. Kinda like this:

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So yeah, we have some pretty lofty plans.


Well evidently I didn’t get a before picture of the dining room. Oops. But here’s the after either way. Just imagine this with really grimy looking floors. *shudder*

We’re going to put up a chair rail and faux wainscoting about 2 feet up the wall. I think it’ll look great once it’s done.

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Here’s the before shot of our kitchen. Yes, it’s small. But it’s serviceable. And this is my daughter, being uber special.


After removing the cabinet that didn’t need to be there and extensive cleaning, it looks MUCH better. Like 100 times better.


Here’s the kitchen from the hallway. You can see out into the laundry room and the backyard. I haven’t gotten the baseboards and molding clean in this area yet. But it will happen. Either that or the shit’ll get painted over. And the tile will probably get replaced. Cause I hate this linoleum.

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This will be my mom’s sewing room. This room wasn’t TOO bad. The carpets had to be shampooed majorly. But it has a sliding door off to the right of the room and tons of natural light (and major windowage. I’m jealous.)


Here it is after I cleaned the windows and shampooed the carpets. And vacuumed up the mini-hamsters the shampooer threw up. *shudders again* Dunno if we’ll paint the paneling or not. I hate paneling. It’s so dark and…. 70s.


Here’s a shitty picture of mom’s room after we shampooed the carpets and what not. I again, didn’t get a before picture. But there were horrid stains in the carpeting. Like hot pink and purple stains. Not sure what it was.

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Onto the upstairs. This will be our bathroom. I plan on major things for this space. Like a new pedestal for the sink. New tile. New paint on the walls. Going to go for a zen-like ocean side spa feel. Lots of light blues, greens, whites, splashes of bright turquoise. Gonna be PRETTAYYYYY. And there won’t be fishies. Or dog poop.

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This is the before picture of Cassie’s room. Not a whole lot has changed. The trash has been picked up, the carpets cleaned and vacuumed (why is vacuum such a weird word? I don’t get that.). It’s nice and pink and uber girly. She LOVES it.


Here it is nice and clean. She has soooo much light in here. I’m kinda jealous. Had this room been bigger, I probably would have cabbaged onto it myself.

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Here’s Colly’s room before. Yeah, not the color I would have chosen. Wayyyyy too dark for a  kids room, but for right now, Coll doesn’t mind it.


And here’s the after. Don’t mind the mini-hamster hairballs left over from the carpet shampooer. Those’ll be gone in no time.


And here’s our room. I don’t have an after pic, because I suck. Just imagine it without the toys, minus the pack-n-plays and the godawful lamp. Oh and the carpets are cleaner. Gotta love that gold shag. Woooooo wee…. I haven’t decided how I’m going to repaint our room. I’m still up in the air on that. If y’all have any ideas, I’m more than happy to hear them. I like The Beatles and Marilyn Monroe- hubs is pretty much just stuck on cars and anything Boondocks Saints related.

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And here it is. In all it’s glorious splendor. It sure does look smaller on the outside than it does on the inside. Guess it’s just one of those “Can’t judge a book by its cover” kinda things. We have a lot of cosmetic repairs to do outside. The porch needs to be fixed, the guttering needs replaced. The gingerbread on the top eve needs to be fixed. The Virginia creeper creeping up the north side of the house needs to GO. But the backyard is huge and there’s a flower bed just begging me to plant some pretty posies in it. Needless to say…. I’m smitten.

So, keep checking back. I’ll be posting more as the moving process ensues.

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