Thursday, December 12, 2013

Polish Review: One Idea, Two Awesome Customs

A month or so ago I got the wild idea for a polish. While I used to dabble in polish making myself, I have long since put away the bottles and glitters and given up. Too much work, not enough patience. But this idea was just sitting there knocking against my brain. I had to have this polish.

I contacted two different polish makers- Leigh Anne of Polish Yer Hooves and Rachel of Limitless Lacquer. Both of these girls make some PHENOMENAL polishes and have what seems like unlimited creativity when it comes to the polish world and how it runs.

I told them both that I wanted a tealy-blue jelly polish with white and red matte dots. I gave them this picture as a reference for color:


Don’t laugh LOL. These are the exact colors I was looking for. The tealy-blue and the orangey-red. I love these colors as they are vindictive of a vintage, retro Christmas to me and I am all about anything vintage or retro.

And they did not fail to surprise and delight me. Each polish is different in it’s own special way. They’re both gorgeous and I have already got a slew of compliments on both of them!

Without further adieu, I show you now… Retro Christmas from Limitless Lacquer!


This gorgeous tealy-jadey-blueish base has tons of white and red matte circle glitters floating inside. Rachel was concerned that the glitter would be hard to remove from the bottle so she gave me extras, which I have not needed as the glitter is very easy to remove from the bottle and place onto the nail.


Beautiful, huh?


This is Retro Christmas with the flash on. I love how transparent and yet pigmented it is. This is three coats.


And this is Retro Christmas without flash. Super shiny and oh so yummy looking.

Onto Vintage Christmas by Polish Yer Hooves!


This little gem is a tealy-blue shimmer jelly base with red and white matte glitters floating about. I didn’t want a ton of glitter, just a bit. Kinda sparse. And she delivered!


I love how gorgeously shimmery this polish is. It goes on like a dream and is relatively opaque in three coats.


This is a gorgeous look and I could just imagine it over either white undies or for an even bigger kick under black. I may have to try those!


SOOOOO freaky beautiful!

If you ever have an idea for a polish, please make sure to look to your favorite Indie designers. Most of them have custom listings on their Etsy pages or they can come up with one. Pretty much every one of them are more than gracious enough to hear your ideas and turn them into beautiful polish creations if they have time.

I am so glad I asked Leigh Anne and Rachel both to create this polish for me. Both Retro and Vintage Christmas are fabulous and I love the fact that while it was the same idea I got two completely different polishes from two awesome Indie designers!

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  1. I am SO happy you are happy!! Looks awesome on you! Anytime you would like another, let me know! I really like to use customer ideas in my polish line too!!