Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Polish Review: Time Lord by A Girl Obsessed

Ahhh… So my final review of 2013. Crazy huh? The year has gone by soooo fast. It’s like someone sped up time or something!

My last review is of A Girl Obsessed’s Time Lord. I have been eyeing this polish like FOREVER. It’s been taunting me and gloating every chance it got. I was totally ready to purchase it after New Years, but received it as a surprise Christmas present from the owner of AGO!


Time Lord is of course, Doctor Who inspired. It’s to mimic the dimmer color of the 9th and 10th Doctors’ TARDIS. I happen to love these two Doctors’ TARDIS for the worn, tarnished look of the blue. Granted, I do love Matt Smith’s bright blue TARDIS, but this color is just more indicative of the well-traveled, well-loved TARDIS.


My mani today is of course, Time Lord and LynBDesigns Slim and a Little Bit Foxy as an accent finger. Time Lord is an AWESOMELY pigmented polish, I mean. One coat is really all it needs, but I had to add two because that’s just how I roll. It goes on seamlessly and beautifully.


It doesn’t have any sparkle, I’m not sure why my topcoat and picture are translating it this way. And that’s not a nick at the top of my nail, it’s a reflection of my lamp LOL This will be the PERFECT canvas for some awesome Whovian inspired nail art, that’s for danged sure.


*sigh* So prettiful. Even makes my horribly damaged cuticle on my pinkie finger look good. Never try to start a fight with a thin paper sign and think you’re going to win.

This is hands down my new go-to-Who polish! It is seriously fantastic. If you’re wondering where you can purchase this beautiful polish, you can find it at A Girl Obsessed’s Etsy page. At just $8 it’s barely a bank breaker, so make sure you add this to your collection!

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