Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Polish Review: Baroness X

Hey there, Witchie-Poos! I’m going to be making a few posts today, so I wanted to start off with some pretties from Baroness X, a great indie designer!


Bluemorph is listed on her website as a multichrome topcoat that shifts from blue to purple to red. It is an awesome topper over dark colors, like black.


While it is a very pretty polish, and it does sparkle, it was very hard to find the shift that was visible in the bottle.


It does have a deep blue shift, as you can see, but I couldn’t see any of the purple or red once I got it on my nails.


Next up I have Bright On! Listed on a neon pink jelly glow in the dark polish with silver micro glitters.


This polish is gorgeous. It goes on like a dream and is opaque in just three coats, which is awesome for a jelly. The dry time for both polishes is next to none. With that being said, I was not real impressed with this polish. The “glow in the dark” part of this polish is non existent. I tried my hardest to charge this polish. I stuck my hand right next to my reading lamp, up to the light fixture in my bathroom, used a MAGLITE to try to charge this and nothing happened. Not even a faint glimmer. Kinda disappointing. But honestly, I would buy this just for the color and formula. I love it, and I’m planning a few summertime manis with this gorgeous neon!

All in all, the polishes were both disappointing in their own ways. Bluemorph didn’t translate well onto the nail and Bright On! was just bright, not glow in the dark. But they both have their awesome merits.

If you’d like to try these for yourself, you can find these and other polishes on Baroness X’s website. And check out her other stores; Demiflux and Elemental Haiku.

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  1. Breanne, as stated in the description, "a white base ensures a faster charge and a longer glow, this doubles the charge because white reflects light." Thus it will charge the polish from behind as well. ;) Also, a Maglite lacks UV light so it will not charge a GITD pigment efficiently, using this method would take a very long time. Here is a list of light sources in order from least to most efficient:
    White LED's
    Blue/Purple LED's
    Incandescent - standard light bulb
    Compact Fluorescent or CFL - spiral tube, screw-in
    Fluorescent Bulbs - long tubes
    UV LED's
    Black Light Tube
    Direct Sunlight

    I will be adding this to my descriptions so customers are aware. I hope this information is beneficial for anyone that uses GITD polishes. :)

    Thanks! :)