Sunday, May 25, 2014

Polish Review: Conjured by AW

Ahhh I said I was going to do another post tomorrow, but the storms have knocked out our DirecTV, so I have no awesome tornado shows to watch right now. So why not post?!
I have two lovelies from Conjured by AW up for looksies tonight!
First up is Warning, a hot pink stunner with subtle shimmer.
I L. O. V. E. the formula on this one. It’s seamless and highly pigmented. Two coats to full opacity and it dries like a dream. I did have some slight bubblage problems, but I think that was due to my painting them outdoors.
I love the subtle shimmer in this polish and I know I can get many, many uses out of this beauty. I have a few hot pink pieces this would go great with!

Day Six: I didn't want to tell you this over the phone, I really wanted to fax you. But you don't even OWN a fax machine. 

Next up is For the Alliance! This topper has blue and gold micro glitters and blue holographic hexes.
Pretty, huh?!
It goes on great, but I did notice that it appeared that the larger blue holo hexes were tacoing. I’m figuring it’s just a trick of the light that happens with larger holographic glitters.
They seem to wear flat on the nail, so I’m chalking this one up to refraction.
I really like this polish. It reminds me of my grade schools school colors. Gotta love that blue and gold!
The formula that Amanda uses is spot on. It’s fast drying, not horribly smelly and doesn’t clump and turn icky.
Check out these and other fabulous polishes on her Etsy page! Make sure to stop by and like her Facebook page as well. Tell her The Good Witch sent ya!


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