Friday, September 5, 2014

I miss her…

I have been kind of quiet the last week or so here on The Good Witch… Last Thursday the world lost a beautiful, beautiful soul… My good friend Tia, who was the mastermind behind Cosmos Lacquer, passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 23.

Her funeral was today.

I’ve been trapped inside my head for the last week. Asking the usual questions of why and where for? I still have yet to receive any answers other than the usual (trite) it was her time. Or… My favorite… God needed another angel. They’re both true, but it doesn’t help to sugar coat the truth.

Tia was one of the first people I befriended in the polish community. She had a sense of humor that matched mine wit for wit… Dry as hell and loaded with sarcasm. And I loved it.

She was always there to talk to, whether it be in the middle of the day or late at night. She was there when we found out we were being evicted from our trailer and had to leave my cat behind. She comforted me and told me my previous landlord was a dick. Which he was. And she was so excited for the new house and had this crazy obsession with my ugly printed wallpaper. She was forever asking me for a piece of it framed so she could hang it up, lol.

She was there for me when the polish world imploded around me and all the people that I thought were my friends turned into sniping, harpy bitches.

I gloried in her finding her fiancé, but so worried that he’d hurt her that I threatened bodily harm (even from 1,000 or so miles away) if he did.

She sent me seashells from the Gulf of Mexico and an ashtray from Florida that I still have put up and will probably never use.

She had a wonderful eye for polish and, even though her shop had temporarily closed down, her and I had a great plan going for some Beatles themed polishes.

She introduced me to my close friend Megan, which I consider as much of a sister as I considered her.

She shared in my love of hedgies, Who and the simple things.

She loved each and every one of my lightning pictures, or any pictures I took… A lot of the time “stealing” them to use as wallpaper on her phone or computer. I like to think she had a hand in the lightning pictures I got earlier this week…

And now that she’s gone… It’s hard to wrap myself around her death. Even though I’ve lost a few people, it’s always hard when you loose someone else. Especially someone that young. There’s always going to be the what ifs and wherefores.

I could sit here and rant and rail against God… Asking why the hell did he do what he did by taking her so early… But it’s not going to bring her back. Lord knows, if it did bring people back… I would have started doing it a long time ago.

She would be saddened by the fact that us earth-bound people are sitting here crying over her, mourning over her, even though she’s not with us any longer. She’d be angry that we’ve resorted to questioning His authority on the situation.

It’s not our place to ask why. We’re not handed the game book. We’re not told what the plays are in any way, shape or form.

We’re taught, by situations like this, to live life to its fullest. To take each day as a challenge left un-done and we must do it to the utmost of our abilities. Take on each day as if tomorrow will never come… Because life is too short to sit here and dwell on things we cannot change…

I imagine she’s up there in heaven, painting her nails and playing video games. Immune to the every day hum-drum of life on earth and watching over her friends and family with heavenly eyes.

She’s not really gone. She’ll be there some day. But we have to live on until she does show up again.


I miss you, Tia.

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