Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Polish Review: Literary Lacquer

I have always been a champion of Literary Lacquer. Amy, the owner, is a very dear friend of mine who releases mind-bogglingly wonderful polishes one after another without fail. Her customer service is always spot-on and she’s well… She’s just the salt of the earth.

Her holo polishes are unrivaled. Literary Lacquers has had one of my favorite holographic formulas since I started dabbling in the polish world. They’re super pigmented, super sparkly and flawless.

I’ve been hiding under a rock for awhile, and dropped out of touch with dear Amy and the rest of the polish world. A couple of months ago, (tax time, y’know lol) I was perusing through the wares and happened onto something I hadn’t seen before.

Cremes. Beautiful, silky smooth, unfettered cremes. And they were all so beautiful. It was so hard to just pick three. I didn’t want to pick just three. But at $9.50, while not as expensive as some of the others, was still a little bit for me to spend. So I held tight to my girdle and only ordered three.

And those three have hooked me. So I’m setting aside as much change as I can to purchase some more.

So… Without further adieu, here are the beauties I purchased.


From l to r  Breathing Dreams Like Air; Irene and Bluestocking Romance (can you tell which one is my favorite?)


First up I have Irene; listed as a “seductive deep red creme polish”. It’s opaque at two coats. This blood-red vamp of a color is just so yummy… Even on my little nubbins!


It would make a fabulous jelly sammich, which I am going to try out sometime!


Just for S&G’s (shyts and giggles) I decided to throw LynBDesigns’ B-Matte topcoat over it and it didn’t fail to impress one single bit. Dry time on this and the other two polishes are next to nil.


Breathing Dreams Like Air is a Great Gatsby-inspired lilac-grey creme polish. I’m not one for lilac in general, but this just called my name. Plus I have a hidden love for The Great Gatsby lol.


This beauty honestly only needed one coat, but I did as directed and two was sheer perfection.


Lastly… Beautiful, beautiful Bluestocking Romance. One coat and perfection. I was amazed. But so pleased. I can’t wait to use this once my nails get a bit longer.

Evidently these are all polishes that stamp well; but I wouldn’t know because I don’t stamp… I’ve tried, but ugh… I suck so badly at it that I haven’t tried it again and it’s been close to four or more years, lol.

You can find these three beauts and countless others in Amy’s Etsy shop. You can also stop by her Facebook page and show her some love as well!

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