Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Polish Review: P.O.P Nail Polish

I have SIX GORGEOUS polishes to share with you from P.O.P Nail Polish.

Ranging from $3 for minis, to $8 for full size (with a medium in there as well!) they’re in the medium price range of my Indie Designer List.

The formula P.O.P uses is phenomenal; dry time is nil and the finishes (some are matte and I’ll get to that in a second) are breathtaking.


Pyrrhus is listed as: "a Medium to Dark Red Matte, from my Smoke & Mirrors Collection. These are a one coat, smooth, and creamy formula.”


It only took two coats to reach complete opacity with this stunner. While it looks more red in the bottle, it leaned toward orange with my skin tone.


Eeep! For a matte it certainly is gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve ever come across a sparkly true matte polish.


When you apply a high shine topcoat it really, really shines.




Next up is Dark Denim, another in the Smoke collection of mattes. Two coats as before.


With a topper it just sparkles.


Even without a flash it shines! *drool*



My next beauty up is My Portrait. Listed as: “My first collection inspiration, is from the work of the incredible, "Tamara De Lempicka." The color is inspired by her Work Titled "My Portrait." This is a beautiful glowing Dark Teal!” And it doesn’t disappoint.


Opaque in two coats, I had to shoot this with a flash because of the horribly sporadic nature of the lighting in Kansas. We’re in the middle of our “Can’t Make Up Our Mind” Season LOL.



Next I have Dragonfly Wings, a beautiful color shifting topcoat that can be worn by itself or with another polish for added sparkle.


Here I’m showing it in natural (cloudy) lighting using Literary Lacquers’ Bluestocking Romance as undies. I LOVE it. Index finger has a bit heavier coat than the other three.


*babbles incoherently* OMG. Shown with flash.


Light coat.


Heavier coat. Still beautiful.

OK the next two are my favorites from the polishes she sent me!


*sigh* Heliotrope is listed as “an intense Plum/Purple Mega Holo” and it doesn’t fail to please. It flashes in the bottle, even in indirect light.


As I was saying… OMG… Three coats to reach complete opacity, then a layer of topper.


OMG! Could it be?! I actually found a moment of sunlight?! Surprised smile And maaaaaaaaaaaan it’s a stunna!



Lastly I have Atlantis, listed as “an intense blue mirror” it almost has a foil-like look to it. Which is stunning. And y’all know how much I love my blues!


This is shown in (rare) sunlight. I tried to go with a flash but OMG it blew it out something horrible LOL. Two coats is all this stunner took to shine.


It’s sooooo prettiful!


All in all I am super impressed with these polishes. You can find the ones I’ve listed and more in her Etsy shop. Make sure to tell her The Good Witch sent ya!


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