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LynBDesigns: A Dweam Wiffim A Dweam Collection Review

Please be aware that this is a graphically intense post. Please give it time to load completely!

The awesome designer over at LynBDesigns, Jenna, very graciously asked me to review her upcoming line of polishes inspired by the cult classic Princess Bride. Who on earth would say no to that?! I certainly wouldn't! So I sat waiting patiently for my polishes to arrive. I figured I'd have about six to review. Man was I wrong. When I opened the package... Lowe and behold.... 

Fifteen hand-poured beauties winked up at me. 

The polish addict in me *squeed* in delight. Seriously... This was like EPIC. And the fact that they were inspired by one of my favorite movies ever? Even freaking better. The night I got them, I popped in the DVD while I swatched the first few gorgeous polishes. 

First up: 

As You Wish

How gorgeous is that? The picture doesn't do it justice. As You Wish is a highly pigmented dark blue shimmer with a hint of holo. It goes on like a dream. 
This is two coats and quite near perfection. And the dry time is astronomical as well. Practically non-existent. Two thumbs WAY WAY up. 

Next Up:
Iocaine Powder. Named for the "deadly" Iocaine powder that Vizzini tried to drug the Man in Black with it's a GORGEOUS clear jelly chock full of beautiful micro holographic hex glitters and what looks to be very fine iridescent flakies. 

How freaking gorgeous is that?!

Here it is with Zoya Raven undies and by itself at two coats. So inconceivably beautiful (see what I did there?!)


Guess this one should have went before Iocaine Powder but oh well! Here's a polish named for Vizzini's favorite phrase. 

It's Inconceivable is well... Inconceivably beautiful! 

And my damned camera couldn't get a decent macro shot and instead turned it mostly to bokeh. Inconceivable! Inconceivable is filled with teal, pink, silver and light green micro glitters in a slightly tinted. And it's saturated with glitter, I mean CHOCK FREAKING FULL. 

Zoya Raven again appears as the Undies in this photo (my go-to black, as you can tell). Pointer, ring and pinkie fingers all have just one coat of this beautiful polish, while middle finger has two for complete coverage. AMAZEBALLS! 

Next Up:

Named after your favorite priest wiff a lisp- and the namesake of the collection- Let's Get Mawwied is sure to please just about everyone!

Midst a creamy white base floats gorgeous peachy pink, lavender and yellow transparent hex glitters of various sizes- most of which are on the larger side. Simply. Freaking. Gorgeous. 

I mean, c'mon. It's freaking fabulous.

This is one coat over Zoya Purity (which, BTW  is a horribly streaky polish so beware!) Some of the glitters do tend to stick up a bit but a good coat of Gellous and a topcoat like Hong Kong Girl will beat it into submission. So light and airy, this is one of my favorite polishes in the collection.

Next up is Miracle Max, a wonderfully funny and dynamic character that Billy Crystal brought to life in the movie. 

Gah. This polish is gorgeous. A clear base is filled with iridescent micro hex glitters, iridescent stars and white hearts. Soooooo freaking sparkly and pretty. Would be a great topper for ANY polish.

I really wish you could really see all the gorgeous glitter in there <3

Here it is over Zoya Purity and CQ Purple Passion. The hearts were a little difficult to fish out of the bottle, but when they did come out they were easy to place and maneuver where I wanted them.

Again, for some reason, my camera does NOT like iridescent glitter. Blew the prettiness right outta the water. But here's a good example of the hearts and stars. 

Another Miracle Max inspired polish.. MLT- named for Mutton, Lettuce & Tomato sandwiches that MM favors!!

When I first saw this polish I was like... Uhm... Hmmm... Interesting. 

Then I got to looking closer. Brown, copper and gold micro glitters swim in a very lightly tinted black base mixed in with red and white hex glitters and green square glitters. I was in awe of the beauty!

And it went on like a dream. Undies are of course, Zoya Raven and the middle finger is two coats of MLT by itself. Dry time is super fast, which surprised me!

And it's super shimmery and gorgeous. I can almost see this as a Christmas polish as well! LOL

Next up is Princess Buttercup!

I have to admit... I am not a big yellow fan. I maybe own like four yellow polishes in my entire collection. But this one... This is the exact right shade of shimmery pale yellow. 

White shred glitter, hex glitter and bar glitter is mixed harmoniously through the shimmery yellow. Not too little, not too much. Juuuust right.

And it's freaking gorgeous. Two coats is all it took to reach full opacity. And it didn't make me look orange or washed out or anything like that. Not your typical yellow polish!


Coming up is The Dread Pirate Wesley named for well... You freaking know who it's named for if you watched the movie.

This, my friends, is a very unassuming bottle. I figured it was just a pigmented black with some black glitter in it. 

Still pretty unassuming in the bottle, eh? HAHA! Wait to be amazed!

BOOM! See what she did there?! This totally unassuming polish was actually chock full of black micro glitter, black hex and shard glitters, a few black bar glitters and black diamond glitters and... HEARTS! *squee* I absolutely LOOOOOOVE this one. I can see this as my new favorite topper, tell you what. I'm wearing it over CQ's Purple Passion and I loooooove it. *sigh* So pretty!

Next up is Fire Swamp. This and You Are the Brute Squad are the only two polishes I was able to swatch outdoors. The weather has been very... Unpredictable, to say the least. And for some reason I didn't get a bottle shot. *SMH*

This really is a gorgeous color. A shimmery taupe base is mixed with orange, black and gold micro glitters with just a tinge of orangey-shimmer. 

Worn as a topper over Zoya Lauren undies, it makes for a beautiful polish. Worn alone on the middle finger I think three coats would have brought it to complete opacity. Very beautiful and very shimmery!

And the glitters are soooo fine!

Ahhh another black beauty... The Six Fingered Man who killed Inigo Montoya's father makes his swarthy appearance in this inspired polish:

This black jelly-based polish is full of copper, silver and white hex glitters with white bar glitter and smaller iridescent black micro glitters mixed in. It's stunning in the bottle!

And of course, my camera bokeh-ed out part of them up toward the top of the bottle. x_X

Simply stunning over Zoya Raven! I loooove this topper and I know I'll see it again. Muahahahahaha


Ahhhhh my favorite Spaniard is forever immortalized in this gorgeous polish:

How can you not like a super shimmery silver polish?! I mean, c'mon! Reminds me of the scabbard of his beloved sword. 

A super-saturated silver shimmer base is filled to the brim with silver hexes. Freaking breathtaking. 

Worn over black, or worn even by itself Spaniard is awe-inspiring. 

I can see that me and this Spaniard are going to have a very long and fruitful relationship. 

AH! Another Miracle Max polish I forgot to add into his section. To Blave! 

A beaaaautiful two coater in a shimmery orange-pink, To Blave is just... WOWZAS.

I mean... *drool*

And to say this doesn't go on like a dream is... Well... Inconceivable  Two coats! That's all it took to reach perfect shimmery perfection! Gorgeous!!!!!

Next up is You Are the Brute Squad- named for Andre' the Giant's character Fezzik. Andre the Giant was always my favorite wrestler when I was growing up- when wrestling was REAL. But that's another story all together. 

You Are the Brute Squad is a gorgeous deep copper polish with beautiful iridescent glitters and just a hint of holo mixed in. It's simply stunning.

This is a completely stand alone polish that reaches complete opacity in two coats. And mannn does it shimmer in the sunlight?

I mean, gorgeous right?! 

AHhh!!! Shrieking Eels!!!! Oh no!!!! 

Poor Jenna accidentally mis-monikered this polish. Instead of the true Shrieking Eels name, she put Screaming Eels. But hey, its ok! This silver-grey beauty is just a shimmer waiting to happen.

Two coats brings out the shimmery almost holo-y goodness of this muted beauty! I have to say, this is one of my favorite polishes in the collection and one I plan to wear again, and again and again until the little bottle runs out.

Hehe... He has nipple cups on... Err wait... Never mind  This really isn't for this polish, but it's the only screen cap I could find that had to do with torture and the movie LOL The next polish is Don't Torture Me

A gorgeous lavender based polish with iridescent flecks in it makes for an awesome (and again) unassuming polish. I really didn't expect much out of it, but the simple beauty and simplicity stunned me. 

I mean, how can you not like a pale lavender polish? You rarely ever find them and when you do, they're usually either too blue or too eggplant-y to want to bother with. So when I found this beauty, it was love at first swatch.

It goes on like a dream in just two coats. Can't ask for a better polish, can you? And when the sun hits it just right the flecks really pop out. It's breathtaking!

Last but not least, my personal favorite and a tribute to Freddie-Bear fans everywhere:

Wait, Wait! This is a Kissing Book?? 

My sister was a HUGE Fred Savage fan back when this movie came out. So of course, we had to watch it a few million times so she could see her precious Freddie-Bear. And amazingly, this has to be my favorite polish of the entire collection. 

There's really no words that can describe how beautiful this polish is. And no, I'm not just kissing ass. This is seriously a gorgeous polish! A multi-faceted red-pink-orange base is inundated with tons of micro hex glitters in the same colors with a bit of holo mixed in. Combine it all together and DAMN. 

It makes for one freaking beautiful polish.

Worn over OPI's Peru-B-Ruby it adds just enough flash and glint that it makes you think your fingers are dancing. Worn alone it reaches full opacity in just two coats. I LOVE this polish. I mean FREAKING LOVE.

While the release date for the Dweam Wiffim a Dweam Collection is still up in the air (I'll fill you in as soon as I hear) you can find countless other gorgeous beauties in her Etsy shop. Right now she's offering a whopping 40% off your entire order to celebrate her two year Etsy birthday! Enter coupon code HAPPYTWOYEAR to cash in on the deal! 

I HIGHLY recommend any of Jenna's polishes. I have yet to find one that I really dislike. GO. GO NOW! To Blave!!!!!!


  1. Can I has them all?!
    Eeee I love that movie.

  2. OMG!!! :D I've been looking at these all night on Etsy! How lucky of you to have been sent the WHOLE collection! And what lovely swatches. I recently started my own polish blog - yours is super cool! I'll be back! :D