Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Top 20 Indies

I recently went through my stash and realized out of 421 polishes, 80 of those are Indies. I love Indies. Every Indie I've come into contact with has affected me in one way or another. I go for certain names (Beatles-themed polishes are a plus) colors (blue is always good) and styles (majority of my collection are glitters!)

So I decided why not do the top 20? I sat here looking at my Indies... All in a row....
And I was stumped. What on earth have I done? I can only pick 20?! GAH! How can I?!

So I hemmed and hawed. And I finally came up with a list. I'll do one every couple days!

20. Shimmer- Alice
19. Pretty & Polished- Jawbreaker
18. Lynndrella- Once in a Blue Rune
17. Chaos & Crocodiles- Dream Theory
16. Northern Star Polish- Undersea Garden
15. Dollish Polish- 3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have
14. aEngland- Tristam
13. Peita's Polish- Zebration
12. Windestine- I'll Fly With You
11. Spaceywacey Crafts- Time & Relative Dimension
10. Perception Nail Lacquer- Hedgie
9. Perception Nail Lacquer- Kittylicious
8. Pretty Me Polish- Muddy Puddle
7. Pahlish- Glittoris
6. Model City- That's Ms. Cocky To You
5. Daring Digits- Master Shake
4. Picture Polish- Monroe
3. Perception- Champagne Supernova
2. Pretty & Polished- Day Trippin'
1. Enchanted Polish- Octopus's Garden

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  1. I have a HUGE love affair with indie polishes! It sucks that alot of them are sooo expensive, but I LOVE that chances are, MOST people are NOT going to have them, since many are limited edition. I can't wait to see swatches of these! Many are indie brands I've never heard of, so this could be "bad." ;-)