Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Polish Review: Limitless Lacquer

I have the extreme delight to offer you the very first review of Limitless Lacquer polishes! I have had the pleasure to get to know the creative genius behind the gorgeous polishes I will be reviewing for you tonight; and I give you a little glimpse into her brain as well!

GoodWitch: What made you start making polish?

Rachel: Last year after moving to central Wisconsin from Minneapolis, I had a lot of free time on my hands. My husband told me that I needed to find a hobby. At the same time, I was researching at-home gel polish systems because I wanted one for Christmas. While researching on various nail related blogs, I came across indie polish and realized that I could make it! It seemed like a really fun, yet different, hobby. I’m so happy I started, but now I can’t stop! Making polish is so much fun!

GoodWitch: What inspires you the most?

Rachel: When I’m making a new polish, I just dig through my glitter and try to come up with a new way to put them together. When buying supplies, I’ve bought tons of sample size glitters and pigments, so I have a lot of choices and possible combinations. I try to make new and interesting mixes, even though I love blue polish and holographic glitter.

GoodWitch: If someone copies one of your polishes, is that flattering or insulting?

Rachel: I haven’t really come across anyone who has copied one of my polishes. I guess I would probably be flattered.

GoodWitch: What are some of the new polish trends going around that you like and what are some that you cannot stand?

Rachel: Personally, I don’t mind the textured nail trend. I like the sand texture, but prefer the glittery ones to the more flat colored ones. I love the look of feather-effect polish, I even bought some microbar glitter so I can make my own. However, I can’t stand the feeling of feather-effect polish without a topcoat.

GoodWitch: Do you have anything awesome in the works for your customers?

Rachel: I try to focus on making one of a kind and custom nail polish. I make all of my polishes individually, so even when I make more than one bottle of the same blend, there are going to be slight variations. For my local, central Wisconsin customers, I recently started offering make-your-own nail polish parties. I’ve had one party so far, and it was a blast! I can’t wait to have more.

GoodWitch: What do you do outside of the polish world?

Rachel: Summer is over, which means I’m heading back to school. I teach 8th grade science, and I’m looking forward to getting to know the new batch of students. It was actually some of my students last year who encouraged me to start selling my polish. Without their constant requests to buy my polish, I probably wouldn't have started my Etsy site.

GoodWitch: What type of base coat do you use or suggest? As well as top coat?

Rachel: If I want my manicure to last longer than a couple days, I actually use my Gelish base coat and top coat with the polish I've made sandwiched in the middle. Using this method, I can usually get about five days out of my polish, just enough to get me through the school week. When I know I’ll have time to change my polish more often, I use Seche Clear as a base and Seche Vite for the top coat. When I use Seche, my polish does tend to peel off the nail after a day or two, but that means I don’t have to use polish remover. I just peel it off in sheets.

GoodWitch: Is there any nail-related ritual you can't skip when you're doing your nails?

Rachel: I don’t really have any rituals, other than I do my nails on either Saturday or Sunday, and I try to make that manicure last through the whole week.

GoodWitch: Do you have any manicure secrets you'd share with us?

Rachel: I HATE to file my nails. I've tried all types of files, and I just can’t stand how it feels. I stick to using a clipper to shape my nails.

Alrighty! Now on to the pawlishes!


The first polish I have for you is her blue matte glitter top coat. It’s chock full of all sizes of square, hex and bar matte glitter. I have to say, I love matte glitter. They just add something that the shiny doesn’t. And Rachel’s a gem and put micro bar glitter in instead of the larger bar glitter that I don’t really care for.


All the glitters are swimming in a smooth as butter base. Dry time is relatively nil.


Here it is in full sunlight. The first nail is with no undies, two coats. The other nails are the polish over an Essence pink creme and the pair together just POP insanely.


Here’s a closer shot of the glitter. I love how it lays. It doesn’t curl or pop up or be annoying any other way.


Here’s the same nail in the shade. Just as pretty!


The next one she describes as: deep blue jelly base and different sizes of black hex holographic glitter. She also says it pops in the sun. What she doesn’t say is that it dries to a near mirror finish with one coat of Gelous and you just want to sit there and stare at it.


I mean, it’s kinda unassuming in the bottle. You look at it and you’re like… Hmm… I dunno…


Then you put it on and BAM! Wowzas. I am in complete and total love with this polish. This is two coats with a thin coat of Gelous. I was so excited to take a picture of it that no, I didn’t do my cleanup like I usually do. Don’t hate me!!!


Here’s a closer picture of the gorgeous gem, complete with a sun starburst for some unexpected visual effect lol. I am a huge fan of blue polishes. It can be a crème, shimmer, but I have a hard time finding a really good jelly polish like this. Now that I have it, I am super happy!


I mean, how can you not like it? It’s even pretty in the shade! I like how it takes on a slight teal-y color in the shade. Very unassuming and demure!

Rachel’s polishes can be bought at her Etsy store in either mini size for $3.50 or full size for $8. She currently only ships to the United States and has an amazingly fast turnaround time of around a week or so. She makes and pours each bottle to order, so differences might be present.

And she’s awesome enough to offer a coupon code for my wonderful readers! Enter GOODWITCHMW for 15% off your order at Limitless Lacquers! How freaking cool is that?! So! Go out there and buy up her gorgeous polish!!!


  1. The coupon code is valid until September 25. Thanks again for the great review and pictures!

  2. Rachel makes the best polishes! I love her unique blends and that I can request whatever I can think of and she makes it.