Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Polish Review: Bombshell Lacquer

Today I have Poseidon by Bombshell Lacquer. It’s a beautiful deep blue shimmer that doesn’t fail to impress!


Inspired by the Greek mythological God of the sea, and a part of her Mystic Mythology collection, Poseidon is a relatively sheer polish chock full of shimmer and sparkle.


It’s a truly multifaceted sapphire blue. I can’t help but love it just for that, but when you mix in the mythology aspect I’m gaga over it. I’ve always loved mythology, either ancient Greek or Egyptian mythology. Was always one of my favorite things to read about when I was younger and still to this day captures my imagination.


This is three coats of Poseidon with a topper of A Girl Obsessed’s Magpie Shine topcoat. Like I said, it is a bit sheer, but it builds up color very well.


It looks fabulous in the sun, but unfortunately, the day I took these swatch pictures it was nice and cloudy. Plus I had a wonky cuticle if you can’t tell LOL.


But you can see some of the sparkle with flash.

It really is a flawless formula. Goes on nice and smooth and dry time is fabulous.

You really should check out her other polishes in her Etsy store. She’s got some beautiful new ones that I may have to try soon! And make sure to like her Facebook page and show her some Witchy love!!!

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