Sunday, May 25, 2014

Polish Review: Hardcore Cosmetics

Well hello, there! I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting my wonderful Witchie Poos!!! Between work, home, my other job and everything else, things are just HECTIC!!!!

But I have a review for you today! I have six gorgeous polishes from the new-to-me store Hardcore Cosmetics!


First up I have Oceans, one of my favorite polishes in this collection. She lists this beauty as “a gorgeous blue based teal with tons of gold-green duo-chrome shimmer.” It doesn’t fail to impress!


It is quite sheer, it takes a bit to build it up, but the effect is stunning when you do get it up to opacity. There are three coats on my middle, ring and pinkie finger and one coat over black on my index finger.


Oceans has a gorgeous shimmer that really comes out great with a dark undie.


Next up is Bathwater is listed as a “milky pink crelly with pastel glitters and shimmers”.


I really love how delicate this polish is. Again, like Oceans it is quite sheer so it takes a bit to build it up but it is sooo worth it. It’s so dainty and sweet.


Next up is Crush, an orange-red shimmer polish.


This one I had a bit of a problem capturing on my camera for some reason. It is a very pretty polish, but with most shimmer polishes, it does come out a little streaky, but it is by no means, a deal breaker. It is a very opaque polish, it only takes two thin coats to reach full opacity.


Next is Raspberry Beret, listed as “an orchid creme shade speckled with subtle violet and silver translucence.” I really kinda dug this polish.


It’s opaque like a jelly polish but its still shimmery as all get out. It was opaque in three coats.


Heaven is a “a metallic rose-gold shimmer” that my mother absolutely fell in love with.


This puppy goes on smoothly and seamlessly with minimal streakage. I am duly impressed with this polish!


Lastly I have Queen, a gorgeous lavender inspired glitter topper that pretty much goes well with EVERYTHING. I’ve worn it under numerous colored undies since I got it and I have yet to find something it doesn’t go with!


Here I have it on top of a yummy lilac shade from OPI.

The formula for this polish is SPOT on. There is minimal tip wear with any of these polishes. Dry time is non-existent and they don’t smell horrendous, which I love lol.

You can purchase these and other polishes at Hardcore Cosmetics’ Etsy shop. And don’t forget to like their Facebook page as well!

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