Sunday, May 25, 2014

Polish Review: No Blank Paper

While I sit here and listen to the thunder outside (and jump up every 10 minutes to go check outside or look at the radar lol) I have another review up for you!

This one is special. These beautiful polishes come from No Blank Paper, a talented Etsy artist that was just trying her hand at making a few polishes as a bucket list venture. She hasn’t decided if she’s going to continue making polishes, but from what I can tell, she has an eye for it and a knack for combinations and formulas. Check out these pretties!


This is Non-Linear, Non-Subjective, “a shimmering, sparkling blue vortex of time and space. Wearing this color has been known to raise one's IQ, but don't be surprised if a few of your clever explanations get away from you.”

I happen to love this description LOL How friggin clever is that?!


And ehrmergerd it’s sooooo pretty. Three coats and complete opacity this polish is a stunner. I wish it hadn’t been cloudy when I shot these pictures because the shimmer in this polish is INSANE. I mean, completely.


Next up is Pardon My Roar, a beautiful multi-faceted red stunner.


How can you not like this beautiful cherry red beauty?!


This puppy is a two coater. Minimal streakage and hellacious coverage!


A Lady’s Imagination is a gorgeous amethyst shimmer that changes in the light. It is by far my favorite in the trio she set me. It’s so complex and gorgeous!


In just two coats I can see this baby being an awesome accompaniment to a Halloween costume this year. Hmmm.

I really hope that Erin over there at No Blank Paper continues in this little bucket list venture, because she surely has an eye for it!

To buy these and other beauties (for just $3 a pop for minis, not bad, eh!?) please go visit her Etsy page! Let her know that The Good Witch sent you and how much you love her polishes!!!


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