Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Polish Review: 365 Lacquer

Ahhh it’s been a LONG time since my last polish review. It was so nice to get back into the swing of things! I’ve been missing it!!!

Today I have 365 Nail Lacquer. At $7.99, it’s in the medium price price range on my indie list and definitely well worth the money. The formula is super awesome and the blue went on at full opacity at ONE coat. I LOVE that!


First up is Bright Cerulean, a gorgeous blue crème. Like I said, it goes on smooth and at full opacity with one coat and dries to a super shine.



I ABSOLUTELY adore this polish. I can see a lot of different looks using this beauty!


Next up I have for you Bronze. A super creamy bronze shimmer crème.


Two thin coats was all it took to reach full opacity. It is a bit streaky, but that’s the nature of the beast with shimmers (or at least for me). It dries super fast to a high shine. I didn’t use a topcoat at all.


And it’s so freaking pretty! I didn’t get a LICK of sunshine while I was swatching these colors, so I haven’t got the chance to see it in full sunlight, but I could imagine it’s a stunner.

The formula of these polishes are top notch. It dries fast, to a great, shiny finish and doesn’t reek to high hell. Which is super nice!

You can find these, and quite a few more, in her Etsy shop. Check out her clearance section! There’s a few in there that I may just have to buy here pretty soon! Make sure to also like her on Facebook!



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