Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Polish Review: LynBDesigns

I have a long-standing love affair with LynBDesigns. She was the first polish designer to take a chance on this brand new nail blogger and therefor, I just love her to pieces. Not to mention… She makes awesome polishes!

I have a couple of her beauties up here today. I have another, but I didn’t like the way the photos turned out, so I have to redo them soon!


First up I have Fun with Flags from The Roommate Agreement collection. It’s a gorgeous teal jelly polish full of glitter in different shades of green, white and teal glitters of all different sizes.


And my macro strikes again with the dust. But the feels… I love this polish!


It goes on fabulously in two thin coats to make the perfect jelly sammich. I hate my nails right now, so please overlook them lol


I also used her B-Sticky and B-Shiny base and topcoats for this look and all of the others.


I’ve been eyeing this baby blue linear holo polish for awhile. This is Okay? Okay from the Fault in our Stars collection. It turned out more baby blue than sky blue for me, not sure why, but I’m not complaining.


In one coat and no topcoat this is such a stunner. I wish the sun had been shining for this one.


Isn’t it beautiful?! I’ll be getting sunlight pics here pretty quickly!

I also have Planet That’s Evolving from the About a Galaxy collection, but as I mentioned, I hated the way the swatch pictures looked so I have to redo them.

All in all, these beauties and the base, topcoat, ridge filler and cuticle oil I ordered from her were fabulous, as per always. I have yet to get a polish from her that I didn’t like and I love that. I love the consistency of her products!

You can find these and countless other beauties at her Etsy storefront. Also, like her on Facebook!

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