Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sorry I’ve been missing!

Ugh! It’s been a long time since my last post and I am so, so sorry for neglecting my sweet, darling Witchie-Poos!

Between the move, work, the minions schools and various functions, it’s been hectic crazy!

But I’m back! I’ll be posting some reviews here soon and some updates about the house!

First! I’ve expanded my photography business to include pin-ups. Since my first pinup shoot I’ve been in love with the idea. It doesn’t help when you have a very vivacious, very cute model to work with the first go round!

We recently had a session where we covered most of the holidays save for a few! Here’s some pics from that!








Pretty cool, huh?

We’re going to be doing a Pinup Party in May. I’ve been scooping up awesome pinup dresses and accessories. If any of my witchie-poos out there happen to have any vintage (50s and 60s) or newer vintage inspired clothes I’d love to take them off your hands! Plus, if any of my Witchie-Poos live in the surrounding areas, I’d love to have ya! Don’t forget to like Little Prairie Pin-Up as well!

That’s it for me tonight! I have to go whip up some cornbread! Like I said, I’ll be posting more from now on. I’ve got a huge review for LynBDesigns to do, plus a review of Cinema Swatch Lacquer’s That’s A Wrap! So stay tuned!

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