Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Polish Review: Lexi’s Glitz and Glam

AH!!! Another polish review?! Ehrmergerd! It’s your lucky day!

I have for you two gorgeous polishes from Lexi’s Glitz and Glam! Her polishes, which range from $6 to $8, are in the Mid-Price range of my indie list and are so totally and completely worth it!


First up for you I have Out of the Blue, a shimmery blue crème. It goes on super smooth (just a little streaky- it is a shimmer, after all!) and fully opaque at two coats.


Sorry for the pink bits around my nails. I used Cinema Swatch Lacquers That’s A Wrap to aid in cleanup and I didn’t… Clean it all the way up? lol I’ll have a review of that coming up when my nails get a little longer so I can do a proper water marble with it!

Like I said, it goes on fully opaque at two coats. One coat would have done it, but I like to overdo things lol.


I am a complete and utter fool for a gorgeous blue. This pretty has a TON of shimmer and looks fabulous in the sun.


Next up is Under the Sea, a Disney’s Little Mermaid inspired glitter topcoat. It’s chock full of holographic purple and silver glitters as well as lavender and blue micro glitters and some lavender matte glitters as well.


Ehrmergerd. I love this macro shot. I could stare at it for hours. Except my macro lens captures everything… Including dust… Pfft.


I chose Out of the Blue and Under the Sea for my mani this week and I must say, it’s got some awesome staying power. I used LynBDesigns’ B-Sticky as a base and her B-Shiny as a topper and almost a week later it’s still going strong despite my habit of picking at my nail polish. I really need to quit doing that.


*le sigh* I lurve these polishes together. They’re just so freaking gorgeous.

Like I said, the staying power of these polishes when used with the right base and topcoat is just amazing. I looooove the fact that there’s no chipping at the tips, no wear or anything. Just my over-zealous chipping off at the cuticle area.

Dry time is super quick. I made sure to wait like five minutes between each coat and topcoat. I don’t think I really even needed that long.

You should definitely go check out her Etsy shop and see all the beautiful gems she has hiding there. Make sure to also follow her on Instagram! Tell her the Good Witch sent you!


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