Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Polish Review: Stached Polish

AH!!! Another review?! YAY!!!!

I have four beautiful polishes for your consideration this morning from a delightful young lady who is the mastermind behind Stached Polish.


First up is Orodruin, inspired by every geek girls favorite movie, Lord of the Rings. It is a beautiful (and you know how I feel about oranges, not a fan!) burnt orange holographic polish.


I seriously wish this showed how pretty it is!


Opaque in two coats, Orodruin is a stunner even in indoor lighting.


But the sparkle in the sunlight is amazing!!!


Dry time is nil and honestly there’s no need for a top coat, but do it anyways because you’re gonna want to keep this gorgeous ginger polish for awhile!


Ok. Lovely Luna’s Livery is a sleeper. I saw it and I was like ehhhh… In the bottle, this mustard-shaded polish isn’t that impressive… But once you get it on the nail… WOWZAS!!!



It reaches full opacity in just two coats, with no need for a topcoat. But, like Orodruin, do it anyways!


Cause you’re gonna want to stare at it for awhile! I can see Lovely Luna’s Livery being used in a few fall themed nail art projects!!! For some reason though, it made my nails look super bumpy! Not exactly sure why, because they’re not like that irl LOL


Next up is Life in the Dollhouse, a beautiful Barbie-pink shimmer polish.



Again, opaque in two coats, Life in the Dollhouse doesn’t fail to impress! It is a tad bit streaky, but I find that the nature of the beast with shimmer crèmes.


Sooooo so pretty!

And now… For my absolute FAVORITE of the collection!


Pursue ALL the Knowledge is a BRILLIANT blue holographic polish that truly, you must have in your collection.



This midnight blue holo beauty show in indoor lighting. Two coats plus a topper.


And *sigh* in the sunlight. The formula is flawless, fast drying and just beautiful. Like I said, two coats, full opacity. Dry time is nil, same as the rest. It is AMAZING!



At $8.50 to $9.50, these gorgeous polishes are more than affordable and like I said, a must for the holo lover! You can find these and more in her Etsy shop! Also, stop by and like her Facebook page! Tell her the Good Witch sent ya!



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