Saturday, February 15, 2014

Save-A-Buck Saturday: DIY Light Box Tutorial

I’ve been balking at making a light box because I was afraid it was A: Going to cost an arm and a leg and B: Too hard to figure out.

And I wondered if I’d even really need it. My swatch pictures are ok, and I got a brand new camera so I was like ehhhhhh maybe not.

Then today I got a wild hair and decided heck… Why not do it?

And you can make one super, super cheap as well out of things most of you probably have in your house.


Here’s what you’ll need: A box, any size will work. I used a relatively small box. You’ll also need waxed paper, an exacto knife, a piece of felt, a ruler, sharpie, tape, a piece of white printer paper and a pair of scissors.


Step One: Cut the top flaps off your box.


Step Two: Measure one inch from the side and top of your box.


Step Three: Mark out a square… Or as close as you can get to a square if you’re ruler impaired like I am.


Step Four: Very carefully cut out the short sides and top of the box. Do not cut yourself!


So now you have this nifty box with windows and a sunroof.


Step Five: Measure and cut your felt to fit the back of the box.


Add tape to the back.


And place it in the back and smooth it out.


Step Six: Rip off a sheet of wax paper and measure it to fit the top and sides of your light box.


Step Seven: Tape the wax paper to the sides and top of the light box, securing it.


Step Eight: Measure the printer paper to fit the bottom of your light box.


Using a couple pieces of tape like the felt, fit it in the bottom of your light box and voila! You’re done!!!


Set up a lamp or some other kind of light source over your light box and you have instant swatching perfection!


Without light box.


With light box. HUGE difference!

If you make your own light box, make sure to send me a link to the pictures you take using it!

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