Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Polish Review: Kawaii Nail Lacquer

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past year and a half almost, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Kawaii Nail Lacquer. Jamie, the brains behind Kawaii, is a good friend of mine and such a sweet soul.

When I heard she was coming out with a Hundred Acre Wood collection I had to have at least one or two.

First up for you, though, I have a polish that I should have shown you way before now (actually, before Fourth of July) as it was a part of Kawaii’s Fourth of July Duo.


Team America is a glitter topper filled with red, white and blue hexes, circles, bars and stars of all different sizes.


It truly made my patriotic heart go pitter patter.


This is one thin coat over Cinema Swatch Lacquer’s You Wrote Me? I love the way it looks over You Wrote Me’s subtle shimmer.


Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Next up is It’s Hard to be Brave, Piglet’s polish in the Hundred Acre Wood collection.




It’s Hard to be Brave is listed as “lots of holographic pink dust, medium holographic pink, with large holographic dots, small pink matte colored dots, medium fuchsia dots, topped off with matte cotton candy colored dots.” And boy was she right!


So flipping gorgeous in the bottle. I did have to thin mine out a bit, but I figure it was because my nail room is pretty warm.


This is Brave with two coats and a generous topcoat to smooth everything out.


I love how translucent it is and all the glitters and dots and what not make it a super fun, super cute polish.

Lastly is It’s Not Much of a Tail, designed after my sweet Eeyore. The one I always most identified with and have loved for so long.


Forever bemoaning his tail, so down and out but always with a silver lining.


It’s Not Much of a Tail is “made up of small holographic silver dust, as well as matte gray. Matte gray dots, matte gray small and both medium dots, a hint of purple dots hint of black rectangles. All topped off with matte pink bows, just like the one on his tail.”


And by golly, even my screwed up macro shot can’t deny the fact that this is just adorable.


I wore it over a frankened OPI polish I put together, threw on a bow embellishment from Nail Candy by Vee and thought it would be the perfect look of the Classic Eeyore…


And look! It’s a hedgie!


Isn’t it just the cutest polish? It’s so light and carefree! I love this topper!!!

As always, Kawaii Nail Lacquers hasn’t failed to impress. Her 5-Free formula is unrivaled, the drying time is nil. I cannot stress how much I love her polish!!!

You can find these polishes and more at her Etsy shop. And make sure to like her on Facebook if you haven’t already!

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