Sunday, March 2, 2014

Polish Review: Cinema Swatch’s Notebook Collection

Today I have a GREAT collection up for review today! I loooove Cinema Swatch’s polishes. Mostly because, like their creator, I’m a movie hound. I practically live in movies.

When she started sharing sneak peeks of her upcoming Notebook collection I started to drool instantly. The Notebook is one of my favorite romantic movies. I absolutely adore it. I love Nicholas Sparks novels and movies, mostly because they make me cry like a baby while I watch them lol. And I always, always dream of having a love like Noah and Allie’s, one that transcends time and space, one that ends so sweetly and completely.



First up I have Get in the Water, a gorgeous turquoise based polish with teal flecks and blue holographic hexes.


This is hands down my favorite polish of this collection.


It goes on seamlessly and opaque in two coats.


So beautiful. I absolutely adore the semi-transparentness of this polish. It makes a TERRIFIC jelly sandwich!


Where Home Is is a gorgeous blue jelly polish with tons of shimmer.



Opaque in two coats, Where Home Is is a true stunner!



Next up is Broken, a black jelly polish with pink flecks and silver hexes and beautiful red holo hearts.


The hearts do sink, so you’ll have to tip this one up on its top and let it settle.


I had to paint on two layers of base and then fish the hearts out with a toothpick, which proved to be very, very tricky. But in the end it’s worth it as it translates very well onto the nail.


Looks super cute even on my stubby little nails!


I love all kinds of reds, and this is no exception. If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird is a cherry red base with micro red holo, ruby, and silver glitters.


It goes on completely opaque in two coats with minimal dry time and very little staining when not used with a basecoat.



Isn’t it a stunner?


All of You, Forever is listed as a “iridescent pink blush with micro rose and pink holo glitters and flakes.”


My picture does NOT do this justice.


But this one does! It goes on completely opaque in two coats, but three would be even more sufficient for those of you who don’t quite like a little sheer polish every now and then.


Last but not least, I have You Wrote Me? It’s listed as a micro glitter topcoat, but I swatched it by itself.


This is two coats of You Wrote Me?, which is simply breathtaking by itself.


I love how it shimmers and shines.


And it’s not the least bit overly-flashy. I will have to try it out on different colors to see how it works!

All in all, these polishes are gorgeous and completely worth every penny of the incredibly low price of $5. You can purchase them and her other collections along with her just recently released for pre-order Memoirs of a Geisha collection at her big cartel store. Make sure to show her some love on her Facebook page as well!


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