Monday, July 21, 2014

Polish Review: Sidgra Nail Lacquer Popple

Among the Rainbow Brites, Cabbage Patch dolls and My Little Ponies, Popples have held a special place in my heart as one of my favorite toys of the 80’s. I had several, as did my sister and they were some of our most prized toys.

They were bright and colorful, always cheerful and a great place to hide some of your smaller special objects you didn’t want a pesky sibling to find. Mine always slept in bed with me and were carried around and played with continuously until I decided at 14, I was too big to play with stuffed animals anymore. Therefore, my beloveds were stashed away in my toy box in my closet and are now in storage.

But tonight I bring you a bright flash of the 80’s back in Sidgra’s Popple polish. A beautiful matte neon glitter topper!


Chock full of medium and micro matte hex glitters in yellow, pink, purple and blue, Popple is definitely reminiscent of my favorite toys!


Doesn’t it remind you of Debbie Gibson, jellie sandals, LA Gears and Jordache jeans?! So 80’s and I loooove it!!!


Here I’m paring Popple with Conjured by Amanda Wampler’s Warning and it’s a perfect pairing. I honestly couldn’t imagine wearing this polish with anything else! lol


It really accentuates the glitters and helps them pop!


Friday while we were out garage sailing, my mom just happened to find this Popple wall hanging, which also happens to be the big Popple that I had growing up! How cool is that?!

Sidgra has an awesome 5-free formula that makes the polish glide on smooth as silk and dries phenomenally fast.

You can find Popple, and other fabulous polishes at Sidgra’s website. Make sure to like her on facebook and also follow her on Pinterest. She shows a lot of her polishes in action on Pinterest!



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