Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Polish Review: GG Indie Polish

Hi there Witchie-Poos! I hope today finds you well!

Today I have another Artist Spotlight and a couple of gorgeous polishes up for your viewing pleasure! So…. Away we go!! Meet Bobbie of Green Glitter Indie Polish!

Good Witch: What are your favorite sources for inspiration?

Bobbie: I try to do "seasonal" shades. But I also pick color combos from outfits/ads in magazines.

Good Witch: Where does your creativity stem from to allow you to come up with an array of colors and possibilities?

Bobbie: I've always loved art! I actually paint pet portraits as another side project. Very good at blending colors together and picking out complimentary glitters ect.

Good Witch: What do you love about making polish?

Bobbie: It's fun! There are no rules and if I could make it my full time job, I would!

The Good Witch: If someone copies one of your polishes, is that flattering or insulting?

Bobbie: I haven't had a full on copy cat. The thing is, there are so many colors that end up looking "similar" and classic color combos that people create that aren't "copying". I've made polishes and gotten online the next day and see something similar and think "oh, crap! They are going to think I copied!"

Good Witch: What made you start making polish?

Bobbie: boredom... and seeing other indies on Instagram and thinking... I can do that! Knowing that if I need a specific color to match an outfit I can go mix it up real quick.

Good Witch: Do you have anything awesome in the works for your customers?

Bobbie: I'm always trying to have something awesome in the works. I usually have a seasonal collection release and then a lot of random beauties in between.

Good Witch: Lastly, what type of base coat do you use or suggest? As well as top coat?

Bobbie: I'm loving this CND super shiny topcoat right now. But I really like Dream Polish base and top coats. I haven't tried their matte topcoat yet.


*~* NOTE *~*

I was supposed to have three of GG’s polishes to review for you today. Unfortunately, either due to the heat or the Postal Service’s rough handling of packages, Ruby Slippers, the last part of the trio I will be showing you was shattered in transit. The inside of my envelope looked like a crime scene LOL.


The two surviving polishes I have to show you sit near and dear to my heart. As you may know, I live in Kansas. The Sunflower State. The “Breadbasket” of America. The Land of Oz. So naturally I am drawn to anything Wizard of Oz or Dorothy Gale themed. These babies don’t fail to impress.


First off I have Tin Man, a gunmetal gray crelly with small silver micro glitters.


To me it looks almost like a storm cloud. I love it!


I ADORE the opacity of this polish. Two thin coats and it’s done. You can’t ask for better coverage in a color that’s usually hard to formulate without coming out with something a little streaky. No streaks are to be found in this beauty.


Soooo pretty!


Listed as a baby blue crème polish with a hint of shimmer, No Place Like Home was inspired by Dorothy’s gingham dress.


With a slight shimmer, it was hard as all get out to capture it in the lighting I had at my disposal.


Two thin coats and a generous coat of A Girl Obsessed’s Magpie Shine and this might be my new favorite blue crème. It reminds me of the way the sky looks here in Kansas on a hot summer day.



THERE! I got some shimmer LOL!


And a little more!

All in all, these are wonderfully formulated polishes. Dry time is minimal and coverage is exceptional. At $8.50 a bottle, GG Indie Polish sits in my mid-price section of my indie list. Go check out their Etsy store and see all the other beauties that they have!!



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