Sunday, August 16, 2015

Polish Review: Polished Nail Lacquer by EclecticGirls

Hello there my lovelies! I hope this post finds you well and rested after a long weekend! I’m gearing up for my minions to head back to school… I think mama’s more excited than they are!

Today I have a gorgeous polish review for your viewing pleasure.


Here is Circe the Witch by EclecticGirls. A part of their Maidens of Myth series, Circe the Witch is listed as a “deep plum with a surprise of mixed holo glitters and shapes”.


And it really does not disappoint. This is a very multi-faceted polish which I adore. Circe is crème based, with tons of iridescent holo glitters in a variety of colors. Blue carries out the most which is a gorgeous juxtaposition to the deep plum of the polish. There’s also, like it is stated, a multitude of different shaped glitters including squares, bars and the occasional star. I did have to fish for the star glitter, but it was worth it.


This is two coats of Circe the Witch with topcoat (indoor lighting) and it’s a stunner even here.


It goes on flawlessly, the glitters for the most part, lay flat and have no snag problems.


It seriously, seriously shines in the sunlight though. I really wish I could have captured the shimmer better!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this polish. It doesn’t stink to high heaven. Dry time is quite short (which is one of the most important things to me) and it settles really nicely with a thin coat of topcoat.

The wonderful gals over at EclecticGirls also sent me a sample of their Nail Cocktails in Hot Buttered Rum… And let me tell you… I’m HOOKED.




Just add a tiny bit to a bowl of warm water and watch as it’s transformed to a foamy, frothy, glittery mess of smelly goodness.


Sink your digits into the liquid and rest for 10-15 minutes. Not only does it whiten your nails, it also hydrates and softens.


Like I said, I’m completely in love with this stuff. I cannot wait for them to release their fall scents.

All in all, I am thoroughly surprised and pleased with the EclecticGirls’ goods. Circe the Witch, and the other polishes in the collection (which I am gonna have to get soon!) and others range from $5 to $7, which lands EcelcticGirls in the low to mid price range on their polishes. Their hand fizzies are just as affordable at just $2 for a pouch of their awesome concoction.

You can find these items and more at their Etsy store. Make sure to also show them some love on Instagram: @Eclecticgirls1010 and tell them The Good Witch sent ya!


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