Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Polish Review: TAS Polishes

Well… This hasn’t been a very good week for polishes. I was supposed to have two lovely polishes for you from the creative mind behind TAS Polishes. Keyword: SUPPOSED.

The other day when I was getting ready to swatch polishes, I fell and twisted my ankle while holding a handful of polishes, including one of my favorite Zoyas (Charla) and a couple of others. Unfortunately, Do You Wear A Spring Bikini, one of the polishes from TAS Polishes met an untimely demise Sad smile . Now I have a pair of capris that is very festively decorated by numerous polishes and glitters but no Spring Bikini to show for it Sad smile 

So I only have one gorgeous polish to show you today. *sigh*


Ride A Wild Seahorse is a glorious sea-foam colored glitter bomb that is just fantastic.


Set in a shimmery sea-foam green base, Seahorse has all sorts of glitters from blue square to iridescent hex glitters of all sizes, including stars! I love star glitter. Just makes me smile inside lol.


It takes about three thin coats to reach full opacity. Some of the glitters don’t really sit flat, but a coat of something like Glitter Food flattens them out quickly.


To me it looks like a mermaid’s tail.


While it is chunky, it’s still gorgeous to me. Dry time is minimal and the shimmer you get is unbeatable.

While for some reason, her polishes aren’t up on her Etsy site at the moment, you can purchase them from her there when they get back on there.


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