Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Product Review: Cosmos Lacquer- R2-Beep-Boop

Now, if y’all haven’t figured out that Fourth of July is a very special holiday to me, then you haven’t been reading my blog real well. LOL. And right now I’m scouring the ends of the earth (well, ok, not really but I AM looking pretty hard) for unique red, white and blue glitterbombs.

And I have found one such a glitter bomb.


Here is R2-Beep-Boop. Named for the wonderfully loveable robotic character off of Star Wars, R2-D2. While this polish pretty much embodies everything about R2-D2, it also embodies everything patriotic and I can already tell that it will be one of my favorite go-to manis this Fireworks season!


Tia lists this polish on her Etsy as: Red and blue holo hex, matte white hex and micro silver glitter in a clear base. What she doesn’t say is that yeah, it’s just a bottle full of FREAKING awesome.


This here is R2-Beep-Boop over OPI’s Eurso Euro and The Thrill of Brazil. I tried to do one of those newfangled half gradients…. It really didn’t turn out that well… But hey, I know now that I can do an AWESOME KU Mani for March Madness next year.

Doesn’t this just scream patriotic? I mean YEAH!!!! Makes you wanna go light your cats tail on fire or shoot your brother with a bottle rocket (illegal or not). Or at least, that’s what I feel. But I do want to put a disclaimer- don’t ever light your cat’s tail on fire. It’s not nice, and it could hurt your kitty.


Serisly… I mean, c’mon… This polish really makes me wanna beat my head on my desk. And I’m not just saying that. (Please excuse my shitty cuticles… Evidently Thrill of Brazil doesn’t clean up FOR SHIT. And it stains. My nails are still redish yellow and it’s going to drive me nuts before Friday when I can get some efferdent. Either that or I should never clean it up. I should just let it dry and call it good.)

This gorgeous little gem can be yours just in time for the Fourth of July holiday for the low price of $8.50. And if THAT wasn’t enough to talk you into buying it, Tia’s also got a 25% off promo code good on your entire order by entering 200LIKES in the promo code area of your Etsy checkout. The sale ends either Saturday at midnight or Sunday at midnight, she’s not too sure lol. And don’t forget to show her some Facebook love as well!

You honestly won’t be disappointed with your purchase. I was not given this polish with the soul purpose of giving a review. I spent my money to buy this and Est. 1967 (which I will review later on) and it was way more than worth it. And pssst….. Her and I are in the works on something SUPER freaking awesome, so you’ll have to check back for more details.

Now… GO SHOP!!!!!

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