Sunday, June 16, 2013

So…. My birthday’s coming up……

And I’m going to be turning 32. One more step away from the big 33- my scary year. Why 33 you ask? When I was growing up, I figured 33 was a good age to:

1. Get married.

2. Have kids.

3. I’d already be established in an awesome career- possibly a lawyer or a teacher.

4. I’d have all my partying done before then.

Boy was I wrong.

1. I got married at 23. I wouldn’t change it for the world. (My 10 year anniversary is June 21st, btw)

2. I got pregnant with my son at 19 and had him at 20. My daughter was hatched when I was 23. Again, I wouldn’t change either of those babies for anything.

3. While I’m not a lawyer or a teacher, I am well established at my little Science Center as the coordinator. I freaking love it there, and again- I wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s been a wonderful experience.

4. I was never much of a partier. Even in high school. I didn’t see the point in hanging out with a bunch of inebriated idiots and you yourself becoming inebriated at some point. I did a pretty good job at acting like an idiot without the aid of alcohol or drugs.

So it really isn’t a scary year now. It’s just another one. Granted, I thought I was seriously going to flip my gourd when I turned 30. I did NOT want to be 30. I like being youthful and spry. And I hated my gray hairs. While I am still pretty adamant that they’re not gray- they’re just DEAD; I am a little bit more comfortable with my own skin.

OK. Enough about myself. Here’s the ish y’all.

There’s going to be two different themes to this nail art challenge. Both themes pretty much match me to a “T”. <~ Never could understand that saying.

Your first theme you can choose from is:

CoffeeShop WebBoards 5

The Beatles!!!! A collective DUH can be inserted here.

Now this is a broad theme. It can either be original album covers, like the mockup of the Abbey Road one on bottom left, or it could be conceptualized like the others. Or it can be of a song… Like….

Here Comes the Sun

Good Day Sunshine

I’ll Follow the Sun

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Blue Jay Way

Penny Lane

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey (its an actual song LOL)

For You Blue

Glass Onion

Yellow Submarine

Strawberry Fields Forever

The list goes on and on and on. And inspiration is limitless. If you choose to represent a song, I advise to go to youtube and search it so you can listen to it and really get a feel for it. Get your creative juices flowing.

Second theme is:

Storyboards 4

FOURTH OF JULY!!!! Since my birthday is on the 3rd, I thought this would be fitting. And I love EVERYTHING about the fourth (except for the heat and the mosquitos and the sometimes frequent rain showers that threaten to ruin my day)

Fourth of July has always been special for me. I love the fireworks, I love the barbeques, I love the parties, I love the MEANING of the Fourth of July. I love the fact that we get to celebrate our freedom by blowing shit up. I mean- how freaking patriotic is that?!

Plus when I got married I married into one of THE best families in the four-state area…

Storyboards 2

The Cactus Hills family has been providing pyrotechnic displays for oh, probably about 20 years. There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like sitting about 90 feet from where they’re setting of giant mortars and huge cakes. The pounding you feel in your chest completely overpowers your heartbeat and leaves you in awe and breathless. Watching debris and ash fall on you from said shells is…. Well while it’s scary as hell because you’re not sure if it’s still burning or not, it’s freaking AMAZING.

It’s pretty much overshadowed my love of fountains, sparklers, snakes and poppers. Well…. Ok…. Not a lot….. I still do them for the kids. Yeah, for the kids. I get a certain squidgy feeling when I go to Jakes for the first time after they open June 27th (T-Minus 11 days and counting!) and pick up my first round of pretties. I try to only let myself go back once- unless I repeatedly forget something. And I set myself a strict budget. Err… Well I try to. Alls I can say is I don’t spend hundreds of dollars- which I probably would if I could LOL

Your mani for this theme could be anything really. Flags, bald eagles, cherry pie, fireworks, sparklers. Hell flames would work if they were red, white and blue. Anything basically that SCREAMS patriotic. I give you free reign!

Rules for the Nail Art Contest:

1. Entries are to be received by me by midnight on June 30, 2013. That gives you two weeks to formulate and perfect your perfect mani. Entries can be sent via message on my Good Witch facebook page.

2. They must be your OWN design, or YOUR take on another design. No blatant copying of someone else’s artwork, or stealing of photos will be allowed.

3. All entries must be made on your actual natural nail. If you have acrylics in place, you can still enter. Just do not add any additional acrylic. Press ons will not be accepted (and I can tell the difference lol I used to wear em too!)

4. While you can enter both themes, you can only have one nail design photo per theme. So only 2 entries allowed per person.

5. This contest will not be open to international entries due to high shipping costs. I do not have an extra kidney to give up for it lol. If you are international and want to participate, you can send me a picture of your mani( s) and you will receive an honorable mention.

6. Judging will last for one week, at which time additional rules (like you must like the page to have your vote count) will apply. You can share your picture as many times as you would like to reach as many people as you can. The mani with the most likes in both themes will be the first place. Second place will be the person with the next to the most likes in each theme and so on.

7. Mixed media will be allowed in this contest- i.e. partial nail decals (no full Jamberries unless they’re an accent nail), rhinestones etc will be acceptable.

8. This contest will be open from beginner to pro. Please state what you are when you submit your picture.

I’m getting together a whole bunch of awesome prizes for the winners and I will post those closer to the date.

The skies the limit here, dolls! Show me what ya got!

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