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Product Review: Literary Lacquers Anne of Green Gables collection


Growing up my sister and I used PBS as our babysitter many times. Shows like Reading Rainbow, Shining Time Station and Ramona were our constant companions. Then we found Anne of Green Gables.

Set in the early 1900s, Anne of Green Gables follows the harrowing tale of Anne Shirley from the orphanage where she was “farmed out” to various families to the forever home she found with brother/sister duo Matthew and Marilla Cuthburt. Located and filmed in the picturesque Nova Scotia countryside Prince Edward Island has forever captured my fantasies as the worlds most romantic place. Forget Paris. They have nothing on Prince Edward Island.

My sister and I both lost ourselves in the stories that Lucy Maud Montgomery portrayed in her book. We delighted in Anne’s triumphs, when she slammed the slate on Gilbert’s head; we laughed with her and her bosom friend Diana when they found the Raspberry Cordial; we cried with her when Matthew became sick. We LIVED that story and still do to this day.

So when my good friend Amy at Literary Lacquers said she was creating an Anne of Green Gables themed line I was immediately smitten. I didn’t care what it looked like. The names alone would be enough for me. So imagine my surprise when she sent me my polishes to review and four gorgeous beauties stared back at me. I was THRILLED. 

First up is Carrots Carrots….


She lists this beauty as a peachy-orange crelly with tons of orange glitter. When I first looked at this polish, I immediately thought of Anne’s dreaded red locks…


Her one vanity, Anne hated her hair. My sister could attest as she had red hair as well. I always wanted red hair, so I didn’t see what all the fuss was all about.  But I definitely could with this polish…..


It seriously went awesomely with my pale complexion, which is usually why I stay away from oranges because they tend to make me look jaundiced. This shows three coats of Carrots Carrots (it could have used just two, but I’m anal and have to have three coats of every polish or I’m not happy) a coat of Gelous and then a top of Out the Door topcoat.


Here it is in all it’s macro glory.


I am not a huge fan of orange polishes. I maybe own like 2. Maybe 3. But this one? Ugh it’s timeless. Its not too orange, it’s not too peachy. It’s just the right mix.

Next up is Raspberry Cordial?


I cannot tell you how many times my sister and I laughed our ever-living asses off watching Diana get completely wasted on Raspberry Cordial.


Amy lists Raspberry Cordial? as a raspberry pink linear holo with added holo glitter. You honestly can’t say holo enough to describe this polish. I have been looking for a bright pink almost neon holo polish for what seems like EVER and failed attempt after failed attempt left me jaded and confused. Then I found Raspberry Cordial?.


It’s gorgeous in the shade as shown above….


And its even more gorgeous in the sun. This is two coats (didn’t go with my usual three coats because I know it didn’t need it) with a topper of Out the Door topcoat. The holo that this polish gives out is completely mindboggling.


I mean, look at it. *sigh* omg.

Next is Lake of Shining Waters, named after the lake on the Cuthburt’s land that Anne spies on her ride to the farm with Matthew.

Shining WATERS 02

How pretty is that??? Well… The polish is prettier…..


Lake of Shining Waters is listed as a murky teal linear holo. To me, this polish is anything but murky. It’s completely multifaceted and simply stunning.


In the shade it’s even gorgeous. But the sparkle comes out when you get it in the sunlight……


Or hit it with a flash…..


Doesn’t it just make you drool with it’s absolute holo gorgeousness? I mean… If it doesn’t… You have some serious problems.


Serisly… I die. I really haven’t been a huge fan of holo polishes because most indie holos just fall completely flat in my book. They lack the depth and sparkle that they purportedly represent. Raspberry Cordial? and Lake of Shining Waters are two examples that blow that myth out of the water. They’re both completely multifaceted and just plain stunning.

Last but not least is my sleeper favorite, Anne with an E. Named after Anne’s adamant refusal to stick with her original and boring Ann, she told everyone she came into contact with that her name was Anne with an E.

The first time I saw this polish I immediately thought of Anne and her puffy sleeved dress.

Anne of Green Gables Anne and Diana

Anne with an E is listed as an opalescent glitter topcoat.


Gorgeous opalescent hex and square glitters swim in a shimmery silver base.


By itself it still looks awesome, but really shines when you use it as a topcoat, like well… It says to… LOL


Here it is on top of inm’s Bikini. The way it shimmers and sparkles is completely mindboggling.


This isn’t the best macro shot of it, but ugh. My camera has been acting really stupid lately, so I have to take what I can get.

I am completely enamored with this whole collection. I know for certain that I’m going to have to get more Raspberry Cordial? and Carrots Carrots. My sister isn’t much of a polish wearer, but I can’t go without getting these for her.

You can buy these polishes, and the other two at Amy’s Etsy shop. Each polish is $10 each, or you can buy the six piece set for a discount of $55. If you have never bought polish from Amy, you need to. You will not be disappointed. Her formula is spot on, her customer service is unrivaled and she’s just an awesome person all around. Also- don’t forget to show her some love on her Facebook page!

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