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Polish Review: Unique Glitter Polish’s Princess Polish

If you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love Indies. Pretty much more than any other brand (except maybe for the hard to find OPIs). So much more thought, love and care goes into each bottle of Indie polish you get. Being a business owner myself, I find it almost necessary to tout the small business owner and show my love for Indie polishes by hopefully getting their names out a little farther.

So this finds me sitting here late on a Sunday evening starting this review; watching Goldfinger with my almost 12 year old son and enjoying the “cooler” weather we were graced with today. And I get to share another awesome Indie polish designer!

Christina, the brains behind Unique Polish’s Princess Polish was gracious enough to send me two pretty little gems for me to review.


First up is Neon Romance. Listed for $8.50 at her Etsy store, Neon Romance is described by Christina as a translucent clear/pinkish base with red stars, red bars, gold shards, pink squares, fine pink and red glitter.


When I first looked at it, I was like *raises eyebrow*. I wasn’t real sure what to make of this topper. Pink and gold and red aren’t normally colors I would combine together, but she changed my mind.


I put a generous coat on top of Essence’s Fame Fatal and was plesently surprised by the combination.


It really looked good. It is kind of hard to get all the shaped glitter to come out and present well. As always, I flipped over the bottle and let it rest on its top for awhile. Just works easier to get the pieces out that way.


Next up is Party Time, a polish topper she hasn’t released in her store yet, so I got first peeks of it!


There is a huge amalgamation of shapes, sizes and colors in here. Red diamonds, blue hexes, holographic circles, shards, bars, squares. The list goes on! Again, as the rule of glitter toppers go, it works better if you stand it on its top and let the heavier glitters float to the neck.


While the base itself is as smooth as silk, it is kind of hard to grab the bigger glitters and get decent coverage without getting too much base.


When you pair it over a bright color, such as Essence’s (yes, I have quite a few Essence crèmes LOL) L.O.L it looks smashing. Reminds me of the 80’s and early 90’s and the bright, bold geometric shapes that seemed prevalent in that time period.

When using these polishes, use a light hand, it will enable you to get a few more coats out of the base and hopefully a little more glitter coverage. Dry time is quick though, and there was absolutely no shrinkage when using a fast dry topcoat, which is always a plus for me!

You can find these, and other gorgeous little beauties in Unique Glitter Polish’s Store. Her prices are pretty reasonable and her customer service is A+!

Christina was kind enough to answer a Q & A for us, so please, feel free to read on!

GoodWitch: What made you start making polish?

Christina: My girls were always wanting the latest styles of polish and that was getting pricey then I thought I can do this myself and started to play around with making different glitter polishes. My girls were getting compliments and asking where they got them from so I decided to make more and market them!! Right now I am a stay at home mom so I have a little more time to play around with new styles. I also love tapping into my creative side.

GoodWitch: What inspires you the most?

Christina: I get my inspiration mostly from my kids...they ask for certain styles/colors and try to work on it. I also look to the current clothing styles to blend into, that way you have a matching polish.

GoodWitch: If someone copies one of your polishes, is that flattering or insulting?

Christina: This has not happened yet but I think I would feel flattered that I made something that people would like to copy, then a little upset that I may lose money.

GoodWitch: What are some of the new polish trends going around that you like and what are some that you cannot stand?

Christina: I love the fuzzy nails!!! Not sure why but I love to 'pet' my nails. I also like all the 3D art nails.

GoodWitch: Do you have anything awesome in the works for your customers?

Christina: My son has Autism and I would like to work on some polish inspired by both him and his spin on life as well as the Autism Speaks colors.

GoodWitch: What do you do outside of the polish world?

Christina I spend my time caring for my 6 children and just trying to live life to the fullest!

GoodWitch: What type of base coat do you use or suggest? As well as top coat?
Christina: Actually I don't normally use a base coat unless I am wearing heavy glitters then I use a homemade "glitter remover" base coat. As far as top coat I love Seche Vite.

GoodWitch: Is there any nail-related ritual you can't skip when you're doing your nails?
Christina: I always use a cuticle oil.

GoodWitch: Do you have any manicure secrets you'd share with us?
Christina: I don't do my nails as much as I would like other then to try out my new styles, so I don't really have any secrets.


Thank you, Christina, for giving us a bit of a glimpse into your “inner workings” LOL.

She was also kind enough to give my readers a code for 15% off that’s good until September 30th (just happens to be boyo’s birthday!). Just enter the code: ThankYou6 at checkout to claim your discount!



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