Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nail Art Tutorial: The completely regrettable Jack Skellington nail art tutorial

So. Not all of my nail art tutorials are slam bang finishes. In fact, quite a few never see the light of day (or my editing program). This would have been one of them, but I had quite a few ladies on my Good Witch fanpage say that I should go ahead and post it. SO. I’m gonna.


Here’s what you’ll need: Your go-to black polish of choice; I’m using Carpe Noctem’s Under the Cover of Night. A white polish of choice; I know I am showing an OPI polish in the picture, but I ended up using Zoya Purity instead. You’ll also need a topcoat, toothpicks, a dotting tool, makeup wedges and a latex clean up helper thingy; I’m using Cinema Swatch’s That’s A Wrap.


Lay down a good coat of your black polish and let dry completely.


Using your makeup sponge, create a radial gradient (it’s a lot easier than it looks. It may just take a few times). Press it onto your nails and repeat a few times to get the opacity you’re looking for.


You’ll end up with this awesome faded look. Turned out pretty wicked, if I do say so myself.


Then, using your dotting tool or toothpick, create what kinda looks like an oval or squished pumpkin or weirdly shaped skull. It really doesn’t look a thing like Jack Skellington’s head. At all. In the slightest. I need some better nail art brushes. Grrr.


If you want, you can add some spiderweb decals, or paint them on yourself.


Then using a toothpick and your black polish, paint on Jack’s face, a little spider falling from its web and a spooky BOO! on one nail. And now you have a Jack Skellington nail art that looks like a two year old did it. Pffft.

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