Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Tutorial: Zombie Nails

OK. I’m not a huge fan of zombies. There I admit it. That’s one fad that’s never stuck with me. Not sure why. These nails could also be considered as biohazard nails or nuclear meltdown nails or what have you. Or maybe even super villain nails. Cause they get turned into super villains due to toxic spills, right?

Supplies You’ll Need:


You’ll need a black base coat, I used Carpe Noctem’s Under the Cover of Night (LOVE this polish, seriously!); Poison Apple Cosmetics Zombie Tears, Mi Chiquita, Icy Air and Cherryberry Kiss (not pictured); a white polish (I used Zoya’s Purity); a matte topper, I used ButterLondon’s Matte Finish topcoat; and a high gloss topcoat of your choosing. You’ll also need a dotting tool or some other kind of nail art brush.


Apply your basecoat and let dry thoroughly.


Matteify one of your nails to use as an accent nail. Then, using your dotting tool and the white polish, create some drippy looking ooze spots on your nails. I tried doing this with just Zombie Tears, but it didn’t work, there’s no way to make it opaque enough to go on by itself. Doing it this way, you get a more vibrant opaque green that looks pretty freaking wicked.


Tapping one of your fingers in the shimmer polish (I used Icy Air for this), remove most of the excess polish. Using a steady hand, press your finger to your matte nail and lift straight up. Voila. Instant creepy fingerprint nail.


On a separate nail, paint a strip of white across it.


Color with yellow and then dribble some “blood” on top, making it drip down onto the “tape”.


Add a few layers of green to your white blobs until you reach the opacity you want. When done and dry, apply topcoat.


Write out CAUTION, or… If you’re like me… CAUTIN cause…. I couldn’t get the whole word on the nail… Cause I’m special…. Topcoat.


And VOILA! Perfectly creepy, oozy zombie nails that are sure to get some attention!



Grrr that picture turned out crappy.

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