Monday, October 5, 2015

Polish Review: Poison Apple Cosmetics

Hello there, Witchie-Poos! Today I have some gorgeous polishes for your viewing pleasure. I should have had these up a long time ago, but thanks to my not-so-little minions, I lost the paper telling me their names LOL SO! Here we go!

GW: What are your favorite sources for inspiration?
PAC: I take inspiration from many sources. Be it the hikes I take or trips to the beach. The earth is a beautiful place and is full of color and the lack there of and to me its inspiring.

GW: Where does your creativity stem from to allow you to come
up with an array of colors and possibilities?

PAC: I think the ability to create is a skill set just like communicating. If you are a person who was made to practice being creative as a child its easier to be creative as an adult. Now I find that for myself I’ve always been a naturally creative person; its kind of always been a talent of mine.

GW: What do you love about making polish?
PAC: I love mixing it together and creating new colors then seeing what works well with what. Its a lot of fun.

Q: If someone copies one of your polishes, is that flattering or insulting?
PAC: I think you are bound to run into similar polishes and I think many people try to refrain from intentionally copying, however it is a flattering thing to see your competition imitating you.

GW: What made you start making polish?
PAC: Honestly it was something fun I did with my mom.We would always have a Sunday pampering day where we do our nails and pamper ourselves. When I found that I could do this as a business I was inspired and fully invested in making a business of my favorite past time.

GW: What are some of the new polish trends going around that you like and what are some that you cannot stand?
PAC: I love how far nail art has come so I can't really pick any one thing but I can't stand Bubble Nails!

Q: Do you have anything awesome in the works for your customers?
PAC: Yes in the next 3 months we will be expanding so we can sell Organic Flaxseed hair gel, Body Scrubs, Salt Scrubs, and hair de-tangler as well as Dry Skin balm. We have tons of new fun cosmetics coming out and I am super excited for everything to come to pass.

Q: Lastly, what type of base coat do you use or suggest? As well as top coat?
PAC: We have a top and base coat which works best with our polishes which will be available Sept 7th, 2015, however my favorite is Seche Dry Fast Top Coat! I don't care how ill mixed or low quality the nail polish this top coat always works! As for a base coat the only base coat I’ve really liked is the Poison Apple Base Coat. The rest to me is just lukewarm when it comes to getting the job done.


First up is Cranberry Kiss, listed as a beautiful red jelly. This jelly is phenomenal! Opaque at two coats, I added a third just for shine. This is without topcoat. There’s no issues with bubbles, messed up (unmixed) pigments; dry time is nil.


Next up is Ground Fairy Wings; a dusky rose pink holographic polish opaque in two coats. Lovely shine and drytime was nil. My mom, who is a glitter polish stickler is even impressed with this one!


This blue beauty is Breath of Poseidon. This is a gorgeous shimmery-sheer polish that you could use to build up a phenomenal jelly sandwich (Which I might just have to… I can see some awesome nail art in the future).


Mi Chiquita is a yellow crème shimmer. This shows three coats, I could have used a fourth as it was really quite sheer. It did lay down fabulously and I even used Ground Fairy Wings as a fall-like needle marble on an accent nail.


This almost phantasmal shade of green is Scum of the Sea, a wicked green shimmer crème. It does get kinda streaky, which I think adds to its moniker. I went with three coats and still had a bit of nail showing out, so I would go with four coats to reach complete opacity.


The last one I have for you today (but not for good! I have one more to show you but it will be in the form of a tutorial!) is Icy Air, a spectacular silver/lilac sheer. It would be able to jazz up pretty much any polish. I used it here over black.

As with all the polishes in this collection, dry time is nil. Streaks aren’t unmanageable in the sheers, there’s no clumps or unmixed bits in it. I have to say they’re awesome!

At $4.99 per polish, they’re more than affordable and well worth buying the whole collection. You can purchase these and more at her Etsy shop. Make sure to stop by and like her Facebook page as well!


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