Monday, October 5, 2015

Polish Review: Upstate Lacquers

AhH!!! Another review?! How lucky can ya be?!

Today I have this phenomenal glitter topper for your viewing pleasure.


From Popples to Lisa Frank; to LA Gears to scrunchies; to TrapperKeepers to Electric Youth, Upstate Lacquers’ 50 Shades of Neon screams 80’s and early 90s and therefore, screams to my everliving girly heart.


Chock full of matte glitters in various sizes; shades of yellow, green, red, pink, blue and purple shoot through and make me wanna sqee!


I honestly felt like it needed to stand on its own, so I paired it with a splatter accent nail (which… Splattered my kitchen table… Oops!) and applied two coats of 50 Shades of Neon on their own.


Because seriously, it looks like bubble gum falling from the sky, lol!

Dry time is NIL with this polish. It would work fabulously in a jelly sandwich just because of that. The glitters lay down flat and it’s easy to get a wide range of colors on the nail thanks to the formula of the base.

This polish and a TON of other beautiful glitters are available at Upstate Lacquers’ Etsy page for $9.00, which puts them in our Mid-Price range in the Indie Designer list. Also, pop by their Facebook page and show them some love as well, will ya?! Tell them The Good Witch sent ya!


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