Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nail Art Tutorial: Sleepy Hollow Nails

This. Is. AWESOME! I love how this look turned out and I hope y’all do too!


Here’s what you’ll need: At least three polishes for the sunset gradient. You can use only two, but I think it adds a little depth to it with three. I used all Stached Lacquer polishes: Lovely Luna’s Livery, Orodruin and Pursue ALL the Knowledge!. For the clouds I used GG Polish Tin Man. For the black accents I used Carpe Noctem Under the Cover of Night. You’ll also need a topcoat, makeup wedge, tweezers and a tree decal (or you can do it by hand).


If you want, mask your nails using a latex mask. I used Cinema Swatches That’s A Wrap! (last mani with it Sad smile )


Ready your sponge. You want the lightest color at the base, then getting darker as you get higher.


Sponge your gradient on your nails. One or two coats should be enough.


Affix your nail decal (or draw the tree on) and dab on a little moon using your yellow polish.


Using a little chunk of makeup wedge, dab on a little of the gray polish to create clouds on your nails.


Awww look. Happy clouds!


Using a dotting tool or toothpick, add some hills, tombstones and a blob that looks like a bat. The tombstones on the right look a little like a silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock. I totally didn’t mean for it to, but it really kinda does. Either him or Winston Churchill LOL


Cover in a topcoat and voila! Some super spooky sleepy hollow nails! And they shine like diamonds!

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