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Polish Review: Lyrical Lacquer

WOOO!!! Yet another review for you! Today, I’d like you to meet Jamie, the mastermind behind Lyrical Lacquer with my Good Witch Q & A!

GW: What are your favorite sources for inspiration?

GW: What are your favorite sources for inspiration?
LL: I try to draw inspiration from everything around me, whether it be art, fashion, photography, classic toys, movies, or even books. I am also a huge musicophile and our brand is heavily influenced by music of all kinds.

GW: Where does your creativity stem from to allow you to come up with an array of colors and possibilities?
LL: I have always had an artistic flair. As a kid I was able to take art theory classes at a local art museum and then painting classes soon there after. I love painting, doing needlework and cake decorating, all of which come into play when working on new collections. When preparing a collection I put together an inspiration board. I take whatever is visually inspiring me and put together some color swatches that go with that particular theme. Then I put some songs in a playlist and see what fits together.

GW: What do you love about making polish?
LL: I love being able to make a color that I can be proud of. I like being able to expand my personal collection of polish with colors I wish I could find in stores and share them with everyone. It's very gratifying when someone likes what you create.

Q: If someone copies one of your polishes, is that flattering or insulting?
LL: This is a complicated question with a complicated answer. On one hand, I would feel flattered that someone liked it enough to dupe one of my polishes. On the other hand, I have seen major brands mimic indie polishes and it bothers me. Indies work so hard to make a name for themselves and provide the community with much need innovation. Even the swatching and nail art community have had their work copied by major companies. I understand that to survive you have to be relevant and follow current trends but there comes a point where you aren't creating anything new, just poaching from others. Again, it is a complicated situation.

Q: What made you start making polish?
LL: I have been collection polish since I was a little kid. Some time in high school I realized it had become an obsession when I ran out of places to put my growing stash. When I got older, my tastes became more sophisticated and before you knew it I was buying all the new collections of CG, OPI, Zoya, etc. and my stash grew to over 1500 bottles. I have way too many helmers full of polish! I set out to swatch them on wheels so I could find colors easier and I realized I had a lot of dupes. I slowly became disenchanted with mainstream polish because it felt like everything was old news. It was then that I found indies and it was love at first sight. I knew then that I wanted to be part of the indie community and create polish that I hadn't seen elsewhere.

Q: What are some of the new polish trends going around that you like and what are some that you cannot stand?
LL: Nail vinyls are amazing. I have a rough time with nail art and vinyls make it so easy! I also really love a good gradient mani and foils. I am not a fan of flared tips or bubble nails. I like a classic nail shape so some of these crazy acrylic designs are really not my thing.

Q: Do you have anything awesome in the works for your customers?
This fall we will be releasing a collection inspired by my favorite movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. It will feature our first thermal, glow in the dark, and scented polishes. We are also working on branching out into vegan friendly skin care with F.A.C.E. by Lyrical. The line will offer items like sugar scrubs and cuticle balms to start off. Look for them some time in 2016!

Q: Lastly, what type of base coat do you use or suggest? As well as top coat?
LL: I never used to use a base coat. If I did I just used any old top coat as a base coat. It wasn't until one of my favorite polishes stained my nails blue that I religiously started to use a base coat. As silly as it sounds my favorite base coat is my own as I find it great for everyday use. I also like Zoya Anchor base coat and Julep Oxygen base coat.
For top coats, it depends on the look I am trying to achieve. I use my own when I want something to dry quickly but still have the wet look. I like Julep Freedom Polymer top coat because it performs like a gel and gives my soft nails some strength. If I am looking for a little bling I use INM Out the Door holographic top coat. I also really love Glisten & Glow HK Girl for long wear and shine, especially over glitter polishes that need leveling out.

Alrighty! Onto the polishes!!!


First up is Juicy! Listed as a semi-matte, this beautiful jelly polish is a mesmerizing mix of blue and purple shifting flakies.



This is two coats of Juicy without top coat. I absolutely LOVE this polish, and it’s lighter counterpart as matte. For some reason I just gushed over it while I was swatching!



Sky’s the Limit is another semi-matte beauty! Jamie lists it as an “electric blue polish with gold shimmer and a lime green flash. It dries semi-matte and needs top coat to truly shine.”


Again, it’s chocked full of flakie gorgeousness!


And again, I left it mattefied. And it’s sooooo pretty!


And it’s still sooooo so so so shiny!


Next up is Wonderful World. The most quintessential neon bubble gum pink polish I think I’ve ever come into contact with.


I mean! GAH! For some reason it came out not so neon and more Barbie pink on me, but I’m one shade darker than clear, so that probably has something to do with it.


I have to say though… I am totally and completely in love with it though.


Lastly, I have Rich Girl. Listed as a topper that includes “sapphire, amethyst, berry, teal, charcoal and silver holo glitters packed together,” Rich Girl is an awesome topper!


Unfortunately my camera was being a complete and total dingleberry and this was the best shot. I’ll have to get another shot later on!


But like I said, it makes an excellent topper. I created a gradient on all but the middle nail, where I just put a full coat of glitter.


It’s so pretty, I think I’m gonna die!!! Open-mouthed smile

All of these beauties are made from a fantastic formula. Dry time is non existent, especially with Sky’s the Limit and Juicy. I tried to do some nail art using some vinyls with the two but man… Never knew how bad I sucked at that LOL. I’ll try again sometime in the future now that I’ve stepped away and hopefully won’t kill anyone LOL.

You can find these beauties in Jamie’s Etsy shop for $10 each. They’re listed in the mid-price range of the Indie Designer list and well worth the price. She has SO many other ones and honestly, can’t wait to see her Halloween collection. It sounds phenomenal! Also, make sure to like her Facebook page and show her some love.


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