Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Sneak Peek at The Good Witches Niche

So… After many hours of deliberation and contemplation, a few weeks ago I decided I needed my own spot for my nail polish.

Polish fumes tend to bother Mama Witch, and it’s been too freaking, flipping cold to do them outside. Plus the adverse weather conditions in Kansas even on the best days can reek havoc on a good mani. I needed my own spot.

I cleaned an area out in my room, under the sloping roofline and began creating my own little niche.

Well I needed a table. So I went and picked one up at Walmart for $34.98 I do believe. Kinda steep for a table, but it works. It’s a four-foot folding plastic table. Has extendable legs, which is really good because when I went to put it up I was like Surprised smile because the legs were only like a foot off the floor LOL It took Mr. Witch to figure out that you had to extend them. What would I do without him? LOL

So I got my table set up and all my doodads and whatnots on it and made it mine. So here’s a little tour!


I of course, have my nail “cart” up here where I stash my light box, bottles of acetone and my phones/Kindle etc so they’re out of the way.


Then I have my lamp ($12.97, Walmart) and all my other little things.


In my lamp organizer, I have my A Girl Obsessed cuticle oils where the pencils should be, my poster putty, assorted files, nail art brushes and cleanup brushes, mini lotions and cuticle butters, tweezers and nail clippers. I’ve got my brush cleaner, thinner and Julep oil as well.


I picked up a plastic toothbrush holder for $1 at Walmart and repurposed it to hold my dotting tools.


My mom found this cute little cardboard cup (Again, $1 on clearance) to hold my cotton pads/balls for cleanup.


And I found a neon green bucket (Again, $1) and I’m repurposing another bucket that I had used when I was a Scentsy consultant. The green bucket holds my numerous buffer sticks and files while the purple one holds Q-Tips. I’m all about re-using stuff LOL.


I’ve got my favorite topcoats and a couple of assorted cuticle oils along with Harrison the Whovian Hedgehog (by Van Schijndel Studios).


And of course, my words of wisdom along with a basket full of my mainstream untrieds.


I finally got to put these adorable shelves to use that I bought eons ago. They can also hang on the wall, but wall space is kind of at a premium around here lol.

So now you’ve seen the little niche I made for myself!


  1. Nice space! Love how you've repurposed items too. I have that exact same lamp and love it! Thanks for sharing your space with us.

    1. You're more than welcome! I love that lamp... I plug my iphone into it so I can jam and surf while I'm swatching :)