Sunday, March 2, 2014

Polish Review: Ella + Mila

Today I have an awesome polish duo up for review from a terrific company, Ella + Mila. But first up! A little Q & A with the creator!

Good Witch: What are your favorite sources for inspiration?

Ella + Mila: Pretty things, clean and chic designs, colorful designs, friendly baby elephants, pretty girly things, pink + glitter.

Good Witch: Where does your creativity stem from to allow you to come up with an array of colors and possibilities?
Ella + Mila: We love pinterest. It keeps our creativity and imagination flowing.

Good Witch: What do you love about making polish?
Ella + Mila: It’s a true passion, so it definitely doesn’t feel like work. We enjoy working late hours to create the perfect color or package for someone to give as a gift for a birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, or no particular reason at all but just to put a smile on someone’s face. After all, who doesn’t like a pretty bottle of great polish?!

Good Witch: What made you start making polish?
Ella + Mila: We love spending time with our (almost 3 year old) twin girls, and putting polish on is one of our main ways to connect and bond. It’s fun for them to watch mommy do her own nails then to do their nails. They can be creative with their color selection, and they get to learn patience by waiting ‘til their nails dry. Thankfully, our polishes dry super-fast! So, this venture only seemed natural to us, to come up with a mommy&me nail polish set that featured one big bottle for “mommy” and one small bottle for “me” (child). The colors are fabulous and we want to help create manicure memories that will last forever!

Good Witch: If someone copies one of your polishes, is that flattering or insulting?
Ella + Mila: We know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we are also strong believers in creativity. We are proponents of everyone being their own person and showing their own creativity and ideas. Let us be your inspiration, just not your copy machine. Otherwise, we love credit when our products and/or ideas our featured.

Good Witch: What are some of the new polish trends going around that you like and what are some that you cannot stand?
Ella + Mila: We love the use of more than one color on a manicure and pedicure. Go ahead, use more color in your life! Also, nail art is fun. It’s not too expensive but it’s an easy way to jazz up your nails. One trend we don’t love (yet) is the stiletto nail. They look like they’d hurt and be hard to type with…but to each their own!

Good Witch: Do you have anything awesome in the works for your customers?
Ella + Mila: We really like to listen to our customers and fans. We recently asked them what colors they’d like to see, and we’re working on making those wishes come true. We’re also working on different polish collections and packages. We have heard over and over again that are polish colors are special and that the polish dries fast. So it’s an added bonus to all the other great stuff that we worked hard to get: 100% vegan, no animal cruelty, and “5-free”.

Good Witch: What type of base coat do you use or suggest? As well as top coat?
Ella + Mila: We feel that with base and top coats, it’s better to test out a few and stick with the one that works best with your nails. We’ve noticed some of them may cause tiny bubbles or a tab bit yellowing of the nails, so we are actually working on creating our own base and top coats to provide the perfect basis and top polish to keep your polish lasting long and pretty!


Packaged in these super cute boxes lies two polishes. One full size and one mini, just the right size for mommy and daughter!


Aren’t these the cutest things?!


This is I Mint It, a beautiful mint green crème.



It applies effortlessly in two coats, full coverage and no streakage.


It is a seriously gorgeous color and it fully reminds me of spring.


The mini is Ella’s Pick, a beautiful coral pink crème.


Again, as with I Mint It, Ella’s Pick goes on incredibly smooth and fully opaque at 2 coats.


I would have polished my daughter’s nails, but I can’t get her to sit still for more than 4 minutes at a time.

The polish itself is phenomenal. Dry time is terrific, within 2 minutes to completely dry. The formula is terrific; five free, 100% Vegan and animal cruelty free. The price is a bit on the high side, but you’re getting two high quality polishes in gorgeous boutique packaging for $15.50 which is more than worth it in my opinion.

If you’re a mom with little girls, I highly recommend this indie brand. Not only are the polishes high quality, but the memories that you make with your little ones are priceless.

You can buy these and other Ella + Mila polishes at their Etsy shop. Make sure you hop on by and like their Facebook page as well! 


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