Monday, March 10, 2014

Polish Review: Lady Varnishes

I have a confession. I love Rocky Horror Picture Show. I blame my best friends Jamie and Jess. They are the ones that introduced me to RHPS. And I fell instantly in love. Instantly in love with the story, the B-Movie plot, the characters… Everything. From Junior year on, RHPS has been my flagship freak flag.


And I wave that flag proudly.



First up I have Antici…. A gorgeous black jelly polish with red glitters and shards. It’s…. Exactly what Frankenfurter would wear.



Isn’t it beautiful???


It is slightly textured, so a good flattening topper is in order if you want a fully smooth polish.


It really is gorgeous though!

It has a second, …Pation, but I wasn’t really into that one.


Next up is Don’t Dream It. Be It.



Don’t Dream It. Be It is a beautiful “aqua varnish with gold, black and blue flecks and blue microglitter.”


Two coats and it’s gorgeous. Completely opaque and gorgeously shimmery.


I love how it goes on and the end product is amazing!

I have always been a Lady Varnishes fan and the fact that she has these polishes and I hadn’t found out shows that I’ve been trapped in polish land for too long LOL.

You can find these and a multitude of other polishes on her Etsy page. You won’t be sorry, trust me! And don’t forget to show her some love on her Facebook page as well!

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  1. How in the WORLD did I miss these, I have been literally freaking out over PP's Rocky Coll being released worldwide! Amazing :)