Thursday, March 6, 2014

Polish Review: Spell Polish

I recently bought two beautiful Spell Polishes and she sent me two more to review as well and tell you what, I was not disappointed in the slightest.


First up is one of the polishes I purchased, Miss Fortune. I was seriously in the St. Patty’s Day mode when I bought these polishes so I could do some awesome manis here in a few days. Miss Fortune does not fail to impress.


Miss Fortune is listed as a: “super-loaded explosion of gold and copper glitters (metallic and holographic) in a transparent base, infused with a little bit of luck by way of holographic gold stars!”


I figured I’d have a hell of a time getting the stars out of the bottle, but it was quite the opposite. There was no problem what-so-ever getting the stars out of the bottle. And I love how big the bottles and the brushes are. It makes for a super-easy mani experience.


And look at that?! These glitters are a little thirsty, so you have to give it a good coat of Gelous or Glitter Food to smooth everything out.


And it’s a total stunner over black.


The next one I got is Lucky.


It’s a little ray of green sunshine in a bottle! Listed as a “super-loaded explosion of emerald green, neon green and aqua blue glitters (metallic, matte and holographic) in a transparent base, infused with a little bit of luck by way of mint green daisy shaped glitters!” Lucky is FABULOUS, especially for your St. Patty’s Day Manis!


I had a slight problem with getting the flowers out. I had to use the dab method with them and that kinda wopperjawed the basecoat a little, but it’s still a gorgeous polish.


And the flowers are too danged cute!


The first polish she gifted me is Nincompoop. May I say… I love this name lol I love saying nincompoop. It’s hilarious. It just rolls off the tongue.


Nincompoop is listed as an “an explosion of glitters in a clear base including matte and metallic pinks and holographic greens in a variety of shapes and sizes.”


I LOVE the color combination of this polish. Pink and blue to me go together like peas and carrots.


I mean, look at it!!!


And it even does good by itself!


Last I have Lummox, another awesome name for an awesome polish. As I’ve stated before, I’m not a huge fan of yellow polishes. But for this one, I’ll make an exception.


Why do you ask? Lummox is listed as a “buttery gold semi-translucent shimmer with yellow and holographic glitters including fun DOTS in a variety of shapes and sizes.” It may be due to the gold hue to this yellow, but I really do like it.


It is very sheer. If you want to wear it by itself, three coats are advised.


It is very pretty by itself though.


But when it’s paired with another shimmery yellow polish, it sparkles like the sun.

While Spell Polish’s beauties are on the high priced end of the polish scale at $17 a bottle, you definitely get what you pay for. When you use them, make sure to stock up on some Gelous or other thick pre-topcoat as they are pretty hungry glitters, but the bottle size and brush length definitely make up for it.

You can buy these and other beautiful polishes at her Etsy shop. Make sure you pop by her Facebook page and show her some love as well!


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