Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jewelry Review: Its Priddy

A few weeks ago, I was approached by the owner of Its Priddy, an awesome new jewelry boutique on Etsy based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Being the first time that anyone has approached me, I was ecstatic! For it to be something that wasn’t nail polish to be worn on your nails, EVEN better!

She asked, ever so politely, if I would like to review a few pieces of her jewelry. I was more than glad to do so! And when I received the package of goodies from her I was taken aback by her beautiful pieces!


First off, I have this beautiful silver-toned necklace. Set on a 24” chain, it’s a beautiful flower with a gorgeous pink shimmer with glitter middle. I am just in love with this necklace.


It even looks good with my insanely bright tie-dye! Looks like even Paul approves!


I paired it here with the earrings I’ll be showing next!


Beautifully holographic and shimmery, these blue cabochon earrings are stunning. What I love even more is that they’re not as heavy as they might appear. I have pretty sensitive ears, and heavy earrings tend to irritate them like none other, but I didn’t have a problem with these at all!



Next up I have the same style earring in a beautiful shimmery green:


I am seriously in love with this style of cabochon earring. They’re easy to use (when your holes don’t close up inexplicably!) and they’re too darned cute.


I used them to round out my jewelry the other day to a funeral. I paired it with a necklace that my grandma gave me a few Christmases to go and I thought it worked beautifully.


As I stated before, I had some issues trying to get these earrings in even though I put the other pair in with no problem a few days before. I just don’t get why that happened lol.


I loooove how these flash in the light. They’re truly gorgeous in the sunlight.

All in all, these earrings are terrific. They’re crafted well, as in nothing fell off or fell apart (much unlike the jewelry I tried to make myself one time… Oops!). They’re made of super high quality materials that so far haven’t turned my sensitive skin green, so that’s always a plus.

There are no products in her Etsy shop that are over $20, so you definitely get a great deal on such beautiful products. Please go on over and take a gander at them! You won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget to stop by her Facebook page as well and send her some love!


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