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Polish Review: Priiincess Polish

I’ve been waiting to do this review for awhile, I had to redo a couple swatches and what not but now I’m finally ready!

Here’s a Q & A from Crystal, who is the mastermind behind Priiincess Polish:

The Good Witch: What are your favorite sources for inspiration?

Crystal: Most of my inspiration come from my daughters movies and shows. She's the inspiration behind the name Priiincess polish. We both love Disney princess movies and anything girly, colorful and glittery. I actually have Tinkerbell, Ariel and snow white tattooed in my arm.

The Good Witch: Where does your creativity stem from to allow you to come up with an array of colors and possibilities?

Crystal: I just love bright polishes with lots of glitter. I have always been totally obsessed with polish and nail art. Also glitter. I couldn't always find the colors and types if glitter I wanted so I started making my own. Plus Rylee is always asking me if I can make her different polishes that resemble the colors of her favorite characters

The Good Witch: What made you start making polish?

Crystal: I've always been into crafts. My favorite place to shop since I was little are craft stores. So creating my own polishes is so much fun. I hadn't planned in selling them but I would always end up with such a big batch that I thought: “What the heck let me post some of them on Etsy!”

The Good Witch:  If someone copies one of your polishes, is that flattering or insulting?

Crystal: If someone copied one of my polishes that would be totally flattering.

The Good Witch:  What are some of the new polish trends going around that you like and what are some that you cannot stand?

Crystal:  I usually love any new polish trend. The only one I've seen that I didn't really care for is the whole matte top coat look. I just think polishes are so pretty and are meant to be shiny and beautiful.

The Good Witch:  Do you have anything awesome in the works for your customers?

Crystal:  I've been doing a lot of colored polishes with some glitter, but I'm getting more into making "glitter bomb" top coats. Like I said I love glitter. The more the better. My son is always complaining that he went to school with glitter stuck to him somewhere lol.

The Good Witch:  What type of base coat do you use or suggest? As well as top coat?

Crystal: I always use Seche Vite base coat and top coat. Their top coat is super glossy and works really well to smooth out super chunky glitter.


First up I have for you one I called Speckled Egg. It reminds me a lot of those malted milk balls you get around Easter time that have the speckles on them. Its luxurious lavender base is “speckled” with yellow square, blue hex, hot pink hex and white micro glitters to create a very special look.



It’s completely opaque with two coats and dries to a shiny finish in no time flat. A simple coat of topper cleans the look up.

It does tend to get kinda gloopy sometimes, so make sure you don’t load your brush up with too much polish.


I love how the glitters are understated but still cute.


Next up is Easter Dress, a glitter topper chock full of different pastel glitters and white bar glitters. There’s even some stars and bows in there as well!


This polish would seriously wear well over pretty much every Easter-y polish you own. I paired it with a Robins egg blue and the result was stunning. I did have a slight problem getting the larger glitters, like the stars and bows out so I had to fish them out with a toothpick and place them on the nail.


But it’s still so darned cute!


Next up is my personal favorite, Wrapped Up in Tiffanys. A Tiffany-blue crelly base is littered with iridescent micro glitter, white bar glitter and black hexes.


This polish is opaque in two coats, which I love! It does tend toward the gloppy side, so make sure your brush is not bogged down.


I love how transparent it is without being transparent. If that makes any sense.


This black beauty is Mario Galaxy. This black jelly glitter filled polish has a mish mash of glitter with white, silver, blue and green the predominate players. With some fuchsia stars showing up every now and then.


I seriously love the playfulness of this polish. I layered two thin coats over black undies.


Isn’t this fabulous?! I love how layered it looks!


Next up is Neon Barbie Pink. As you could probably guess, it’s a neon pink jelly base with different shape and sized glitters in orange, yellow, pink, blue and even some iridescent shapes mixed in there.


This polish seriously screams 80’s to me. The Bangles, jelly bracelets, scrunchies, what have you. It’s just 80’s personified. It is a pretty thin jelly, so if you want to use it by itself, it’s about three coats to opacity. I only used two here.


Again, the layering possibilities are endless!


Last but not least, I have for you a polish I don’t have a bottle shot OR a name for LOL This one is just a mishmash of blue, purple, black, white and silver glitters, which seriously, I love. I wore this one over a light blue, and it looks fabulous. All but the middle finger, I used one coat over the undies. The middle finger has two.


Just a freaking fabulous glitter bomb, I tell ya!


And it even looks great over black!

All in all, these polishes rock. They don’t smell overly bad, their dry time is practically non-existent and the colors are fun and playful, which is what I am all about.

You can find a few of these, plus some others (and I’m sure more will be released soon!) at her Etsy Shop! They come in Mini, Medium and Large, with $5.75 for the Large, that’s not bad at all!


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